Moon Hunters: Square Enix Collective Hits Kickstarter Next Week

By Steve Schell – 19th August 2014
Moon Hunters: Square Enix Collective Hits Kickstarter Next Week

Square Enix Collective and Kitfox Games (creators of Shattered Planet) announced today that pixel-art, mythology-building RPG Moon Hunters will begin crowd funding on Kickstarter August 26. Moon Hunters first came to light earlier this year on the Square Enix Collective site, since that time, Kitfox released the critically-acclaimed rogue-like Shattered Planet for mobile platforms and Steam. Now that it’s completed and on the market, Kitfox has turned their full attention back to Moon Hunters. In order to complete the project 100 percent, they are looking to raise $45,000 on Kickstarter.

What is Square Enix Collective?

Square Enix Collective is a curated platform that gives game developers a chance to post pitches. From there, gamers are given the opportunity to judge whether or not the proposed ideas should go on, or meet a sudden end. Before any funding begins, developers undergo a team assessment by Collective do determine whether or not the team’s plans are viable and that they have the capability of making the desired game.

Mass Approval Means Moon Hunters Goes On

Upon its initial pitch on Collective, Moon Hunters received great feedback in the form that people do want it to be a thing. Getting an approval rating of 83 percent, the Kitfox team now have a strong idea that people do want their game and they will be looking forward to it. The team writes on their official site;

I think it’s clear that the aesthetic we’ve chosen resonates with some people but puts others off. And that’s okay! We’re not interested in making a middling game for everyone — we’re interested in making a best-game-ever for one slice of gamers. So we’ll just have to accept that our taste is different from others’.. as long as SOME people out there love what we’re doing, that’s ideal. Pixel art isn’t for everyone, but neither is poutine.

Moon Hunters

What is Moon Hunters?

The Story

The story of Moon Hunters takes place on the planet of Mercuria. When one day the Moon, their source of all magic and spiritual power, fails to rise you set off as a one of the chosen children of the Moon to uncover the truths to this mystery and restore the balance to Mercuria. In the absence of the Moon’s power, monsters spread across the lands and chaos ensues. Opting to either go alone or with other children of the Moon, it’s up to you to see too it that everything is set back to the way it was before.

Kitfox describes the game as “Starbound by way of Zelda,” with a strong focus on co-operation and storytelling. The game itself if an open, procedural-generated world where the hundreds of different locations have a chance to either help players, or hinder them.  Focused strongly around the mythology of the game, your character is built around two major traits; class and personality.

Moon Hunters

The in-game rendition of the different class’


Your choice in class determines your primary element, abilities and appearance with each class having their own unique gameplay. Similar to cross-training in Final Fantasy, training between two different elements is permitted, but not without added difficulty. Doing this allows you to acquire more resources and explore more hard-to-reach areas. The different classes planned so far are as follows; Witch, Druid, Occultist and Spellblade.


Depending on the birth sign (either by you choosing or taking a personality test) this changes what your likely to use your influence for as well as what problems you’re like to encounter throughout the world. The different signs include; The Sign of the Dragon, Sign of the Phoenix, Sign of the Tiger and Sign of the Tortoise.

Moon Hunters is expected to feature a massive world with each persons game having a whole different environment. Along with the unique landscapes, may come across vacated villages, haunted locations and even different factions at war. You will be able to travel to different worlds with your characters to join friends and experience their story as it differs from yours. Kitfox will be keeping everyone up to date with the games progress on the games site so be sure to check it. You be sure that Gamer Headlines will be following the progress of Moon Hunters so check back daily for updates.