Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release Brings Rabbits and Banners

By Alison Hudson – 22nd August 2014
Minecraft 1.8  Pre-Release Brings Rabbits and Banners

Great news, Minecraft fans!

Minecraft 1.8, the so-called “Bountiful Update,” is the latest “snapshot” development pre-release. It contains a lot of tweaks and changes. The one you probably want to know about, though is rabbits. Yes, fluffy cube bunnies have joined the game. They come in a variety of colors, including white, black, and spotted, brown, and gold. There’s also a chance of any bunny being the Killer Bunny — yes, that one from the movie (beware its red glowing eyes).

One other interesting addition is Banners. These tall decorative blocks come pre-loaded in a variety of solid colors and a wealth of recipes for creating lines, blocks, and even gradients. Banners also flap in the breeze. They will definitely be popular for reskinning, though, as they all but invite players to add their own banners to the game.

In addition to your new favorite Minecraft pet, the new release contains “both new features, and large game structure changes.” Included in the former are new types of blocks, such as Red Sandstone, Granite, Andesite, and Diorite stone blocks (many of which had been added to the Pocket Edition with the last update); new building items like an Iron Trapdoor,a Prismarine block, a Sea Lantern, and a grass-resistant Coarse Dirt block. There are also new Admin commands, new ways to skin players (two layers!), and a host of other changes. You can see the whole changelog on the Mojang Blog.

Remember, in order to experience Minecraft 1.8 now, you must have your game set to install “snapshot” developer updates. The Bountiful Update is expected to see the final release on September 2nd.

  • Thomas Harris

    Somehow they managed to make something as cute and fluffy as a rabbit look genuinely scary