Hyrule Warrior: Impa wielding a Spear in New Trailer

By Jalane Farrington – 1st August 2014
Hyrule Warrior: Impa wielding a Spear in New Trailer

Koei Tecmo Games partners with Nintendo to produce Hyrule Warriors, a hack-and-slash spin-off from the Legend of Zelda series, featuring the original and new characters as well as other known elements. Although the developer and publisher have already shown Impa who is a female woman known to be a guardian to Princess Zelda, this protector seen to wield a sword in the former trailer possesses another weapon. Using a long spear, she dives into more action in this new Japanese video that was released minutes ago.

In this short clip, this fighter retains her admirable spirit but shows off new tricks with her new fighting tool. However, nothing else seems out of the extraordinary. Despite this, these battle scenes beg a new question among audiences. Which awesome weapon would users choose?

Europeans will receive this thrilling title in September 19th, a week later for North Americans who wish to own this hack-and-slash title in September 26th. Remember though, only Wii-U users can operate this upcoming game, which is unfortunate for other console owners. For more information about this appealing title, please visit the Nintendo’s official website for this innovative game.

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