Heroes of the Storm Drop Artifact System

By Edd Cockshutt – 4th August 2014
Heroes of the Storm Drop Artifact System

After barely any time at all experimenting with an ‘artifact’ system for their upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard have abandoned the idea. The system would have worked similarly to League of Legend’s ‘Rune’ system. It allowed for customisation of various aspects of the game’s Heroes in the forms of buffs, sometimes to specific things like health or damage. The artifacts would have to be bought with in game gold, which could be earned through playing or, as is increasingly the trend, be bought in a cash shop.

Under criticism and pressure from the Heroes of the Storm community, Blizzard backed down and have explained their decision via a battle.net post. “As testing began, many of you voiced concerns around fairness issues, “correct build” issues, balance, new player tension, and other issues that made it clear that artifacts weren’t working as intended. We agree—those issues started to outweigh the benefits of the system.” Blizzard also added “We will explore different ways to give you fun and compelling options for spending gold, while avoiding the problems that the initial artifact system created. We don’t have any updates on what our future systems may be, but we’ll be sure to keep you informed and look forward to getting your feedback on alternate systems.”

It is refreshing to see Blizzard taking this open approach to player feedback regarding large decisions on their titles. Whilst the game is still in Technical Alpha, this bodes well for the Beta and even release of the game. If Blizzard remain similarly open to feedback then the Heroes of the Storm community and the developers can work together to remove unsatisfactory, imbalanced and ‘toxic’ elements of the game.

You can sign up for the Heroes of the Storm beta here.