Guild Wars 2 Update: The Dragons Reach Part II

By Steve Schell – 12th August 2014
Guild Wars 2 Update: The Dragons Reach Part II

NCSOFT and ArenaNet, the publishers and developers behind the Guild Wars franchise launched today the newest content update to the living world of Guild Wars 2. The update, The Dragons Reach Part II, will be a continuation of the ongoing Living World story that is currently underway and is set to be the mid-season finale in the Living World Season 2.

The Dragons Reach Part I: Recap

The Dragons Reach Part IDidn’t follow the events of The Dragons Reach Part I, but you want to get involved in Part 2? Not a problem, just keep reading and you’ll be up to date in no time. Kicking off in season two, episode three, The Dragons Reach Part I sees the lands of Tyria (the continent in which the events of Guild Wars 2 take place) threatened by the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. Following the command of the Elder Dragon, Mordremoth’s minions proceed to besiege areas of Maguuma, Timberline Falls and Kryta. Players take a leading role in the events of Dragons Reach pressed with the task of convincing the world’s leaders that they must put aside their own quarrels for the greater good of Tyria. Each race is confronted with their own concerns, from ghosts and dragon minions to mysterious magical anomalies, and it’s up to the players to convince them all that the Elder Dragon is their gravest threat.

The Spread Of Corruption

Mordremoth’s lethal powers continue to spread, taking the shape of lethal vines and unleashing devastating attacks on Concordia and Fort Salma. But this is not the extent of the Elder Dragon’s danger. Reaching as far as Ascalon, the Charr of the Iron Marches are witnessing an outbreak of Mordremoth’s corruptive power and with the increase in entangled waypoints, it’s up to Taimi to set things right.

The Dragons Reach Part 2: What To Expect In Tyria

With Tyria’s leaders struggling to work in unison, a historic summit is set to take place under the looming shadow of Mordremoth and his approaching forces, but not all leaders have agreed to attend. Assuming the role of a diplomat, it’s up to the players once again to convince the remaining leaders that the threat is real and could very well mean the demise of Tyria. This update will see more areas for players to explore, giving them the The Dragons Reach Part 2chance to venture deep in to the Dry Top and engage the new foes they will find there.

Clear Queen Jennah’s Name

Quite some time back, the villain Scarlet launched a devastating attack on Divinity’s Reach. With the approach of the summit and Mordremoth, an anonymous source has come forward and accused Queen Jennah of being complicit with the attacks. With the accusing finger being pointed at her, Queen Jennah is unable to leave the safety of her city to attend the summit, leaving it up to the players to work along side Kasmeer and Countess Anise to get to the root of the accusation and put this piece of political intrigue to rest.

The Story Journal

The Story Journal made its debut in The Dragons Reach Part I, allowing players to revisit past episodes to complete ultra-challenging achievements. Along with that, the Story Journal allows players who are level 80 to select between playing their personal story or the Living Story. This allows your level 80 character to constantly have content to play. Adding episodes to your Story Journal is really quite simple. All you need to do is log on while the episode is live you are given permanent, free access to the story line of that episode. Doing this unlocks that specific story line for your account, so you can easily access it from any of your characters. If for any reason you are unable to log on during the events of a story line, you are not completely out of luck. Past story lines can be purchased on the shop for 200 gems.

Don’t Miss Out; Help Protect Tyria Today!

Along with the added content, there is of course more achievements and treasures to be acquired. The Mysterious Seed back piece that originated in episode three is still obtainable, and with the gathering of new items you can coax it to grow into an ascended or infused version of itself. All this content has been made live today, so be sure to log in to Guild Wars 2 and help protect Tyria from the growing forces of Mordremoth.

The Dragons Reach Part 2