Five N64 Games that need a remake

By Jason Williams – 10th August 2014
Five N64 Games that need a remake

Have you ever gotten out your old N64, blown in the cartridge and started playing your favorite game from childhood? Have you then ever  said, “man I wish I could play this on my Wii U!” I’m sure many people have. What games though would be the best remade for the updated systems? I don’t mean completely redone, like Super Smash Bros Brawl, but just updated graphically, and a little smoother gameplay, so as to play the same game, without the pain of the old system.


5) Super Smash Bros

How does Nintendo not realize that there is a whole group of people that love to play the old school Smash. Having the same exact game on an updated system would be a godsend. Not only is it great to have a smash game that is ALL about throwing, but you’d still have the AMAZING ability to spike (a.k.a. Ness’s and Captain Falcon’s A down). Being able to play that game with the great graphics of today would be like playing Brawl, but without pichu…which is great.


4) Conquers Bad Fur Day

Who doesn’t want to play the giant Poo Monster???!!! Can you imagine that boss level with updated graphics, it would be both hilarious and disgusting, like much of Family Guy. The first person shooter, with all the squirreliness, would be an even better game with smoother game play. This could be one of those  games that gets released the exactly the same, but with bonus features, like Kingdom Hearts just was. Plus the video game world is sorely lacking in those comical shooters.


3) Star Fox

This is no question. Star Fox was a great game, but every time you go back to play it, you realized you have more fun on Minecraft now, than you do on the game currently. Star Fox suffers from questionable graphics, and jumpy controls. With todays science fiction visionaries in the special effects world, Star Fox updated, would be incredible, graphic wise.  A game like Star Fox, which seduced many, deserves to be rebooted.


2) Pokemon: All of them!

Okay, so this is not just a N64 game, but really, why is there not an Elder Scrolls esque game, but for Pokemon. Have the entire world of Pokemon open. Have all 151 original be the goal first, and then open up all the legendary and subsequent generations. Put in the stadium gameplay we had with the 64, and make all characters designable, so Ash Ketchum can become John/Jane Doe and look just like him or her. People got really excited with the jump from Red to Blue to in Pokemon Stadium, can you imagine the excitement to be able to play Pokemon on a PS4?

In addition…All you Pokemon haters, go ahead and hate, this would still be a great game.


1) Ocarina of Time

Does this really need any explanation? The most popular game of the Zelda series, Ocarina of Time has proven to be one of the most classic games in the history of video games. Sheik and Zelda. Link and Ganondorf. The Elemental Temples. Horses and carrots. What a great game! Update the graphics! Open it for all systems! Let’s get this game back out there.

  • Alison Hudson

    This list is incomplete without Banjo-Kazooie on it.

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