Fish Plays Pokémon

By Harlee Grey – 7th August 2014
Fish Plays Pokémon

We’ve all heard of the incredible creation that is Twitch Plays Pokémon, where the commands in the game are made by Twitch’s chat system. But some fans have gone two steps further and have managed to create Fish Plays Pokémon, yes this is a real thing. The fish in question is Grayson Hopper, who can “press” the game’s buttons by swimming around his tank. Grayson is currently playing Pokémon Red and has beaten one opponent with his Charmander named AAAABBK. Currently 133 hours into the game it’s fair to say Grayson has a long way to go before becoming a Pokémon master.

What’s next, Cat Plays Pokémon? The mind boggles at what people are coming out with, it’s sad to say that it’s pretty interesting and I can’t blame the thousands of people for tuning in. So grab a snack, or maybe two and watch Grayson swim his way through his journey, very slowly.

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  • soopcan

    That’s so cute!