First Impressions from Attendees on TRI at Gamescom 2014

By Jalane Farrington – 23rd August 2014
First Impressions from Attendees on TRI at Gamescom 2014

Walking hurriedly around numerous booths packed with Gamescom dwellers holding their treasure-towing bags, you head further down the narrow path of gaming galore to find the AAA sections until an attractive purple glow just lures your eyes. Instead looking away, your eyes continue to linger in the purplish void: for one, your eyes strain to decipher the mystical figure and fox’s collision from the white background; then two, the deep dark contrast of idle shadows (particular the camera man and his equipment) slightly provides comfort for your eye-sight; and three, you stare at gradual movements inside the large monitor that displays a multiple steps leading a Japanese building that is gradually becoming closer and larger until you’re inside the building. Welcome to the TRI Universe!

What is this TRI universe?

After stepping straight into this first-person puzzle game, many first-time players were intrigued by the originality of the gameplay. For starters, these single-player users must master the ability to forge triangles and use these shapes as a mechanical mean to transverse through labyrinth levels where hidden objects lie. As such, most visitors enjoyed this masterpiece, which the positive response made the developers feel quite happy.

How did developers react to the overall response?

One of the Rat King Entertainment staff even expressed his favorite moment when two girls accompanied by a mother played the game and asked for the release date upon their second visit. Despite the happy ordeal, the results provided some valuable feedback and not.  For example, one person expressed his or her concern about lowering the $15 asking price to $10. To satisfy fans, the creators will be less restrictive on the shift button and remove the fatigue bar for a really good reason.

This four-year-old indie project targets and centers around first-time players. Unlike some people who might replay this whole package again, most future owners will probably go over these challenges once. Yet, the creators have other plans in stored for the future. They intend to create a smaller game that will correspond well for the console since most of TRI‘s mechanics consist of using the keyboard and mouse. Although console owners will have to wait a while for this upcoming development, the beta testers also share other interesting statements.

What were these other individuals thinking?

Out of no where, an on-looker commented that this fantasy resembles Antichamber (despite Antichamber‘s bolder artwork and design). On the other hand, the biggest surprise came from someone seeing Shadow of Colossus. Leaving on that note, do readers agree with them or have other impressions?

For more information about this innovative project, please visit the official website. Or, check out the developer’s blog.

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