Final Fantasy Fan Festival Website Update for Sold-out Event

By Jalane Farrington – 7th August 2014
Final Fantasy Fan Festival Website Update for Sold-out Event

Announced twelve hours ago on the North American twitter, the infamous video game publisher known as Square Enix has informed online audiences that the Final Fantasy Fan Festival website has been updated. This particular browser is dedicated to one of the longest RPG series in the world. As this science ficitional world continues to successfuly exceed, three international conventions are emerging in England, Japan, and United States.

In California, interested goers, gaming journalists, and other possible candidate were courteously invited to participate, despite being sold-out within hours on July 15th.   Unfortunately, most spectators are feeling more angst then excitement, especially after dedicated fans fought desperately to acquire these limited tickets. Additionally, only Square Enix subscribers were given an early offer two weeks in advance to purchase these tickets.

With this unfair setup, the eager but unfortunate buyers vent their frustrations at various comment boxes, but others still diligently search for every nook and cranny for any possible openings.  Regardless, this valuable and reliable source for future news about the Final Fantasy world remains ever-so resourceful by sharing some exciting game-changing facts to tedious details like this short message mentions.

As briefly stated, future attendees who will attend the Las Vegas festival can find out what are inside these  multiple give-away items, including the in-game moogle attire. While releasing this information, screenshots of these outfits were provided for on-lookers. Just look at the image below.

Besides the give-away prizes, online users can also checkout other updates like the contests or activities page. While contests focus on the fan art and costume, the activities mentions a “LIVE Quest”. While this event remains undisclosed, officials promise to elaborate more in the near future. Therefore, interested audiences should definitely checkout the official website for schedule dates, etc.!

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