Diablo III Blazes Trail with Cross-Platform Saving

By Cruzer – 6th August 2014
Diablo III Blazes Trail with Cross-Platform Saving

Let me to begin this post with a what-if situation. Say you’re the proud owner of Diablo III for the Xbox 360. You’ve sunk hours upon hours into the game, having gained a wealth of items and a fully leveled character in the process. Now say that you’re interested in getting the Ultimate Evil Edition of the game. You want to enjoy it in full next-gen graphical glory, yet also keep all the progress you’ve made. Only problem is, you decided to get a PlayStation 4. Well, if this is close to your situation, you can set your heart at ease. Blizzard has announced that “cross-brand” and “cross-generational” transfers have been cleared for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

This means data gathered from the original Diablo III on a prior generation console – such as  heroes, items, and game progress – can be transferred to either the PS4 or XBO, with or without brand loyalty. This is a pretty big deal, considering the fact that both Microsoft and Sony usually avoid (like the plague) anything that could accomadate console switching. That being said, the cross-platform transfers do have their limits. While transferring from 360 to PS4 or PS3 to XBO is allowed, the service does not permit same-generation switching outside of the same brand (i.e. no PS3 to 360 or XBO to PS4). While this does show both companies are still iffy on the whole cross-platform idea, the fact that such a service does exists represents a gateway of opportunity.

With games like Destiny, the Division, and other gigantic MMO style games on the horizon, the idea of cross-platform multiplayer certainly sounds like a nice proposition.

Could Diablo III represent that first big step toward other cross-platform services in the future?

For more info on Diablo III’s cross-platform data transfer service, check out this link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/15058023/pick-your-platform-keep-your-save-8-5-2014