Company of Heroes 2 Gets New Single-Player Expansion

By Adam Willis – 13th August 2014
Company of Heroes 2 Gets New Single-Player Expansion

Company of Heroes 2 is getting a new standalone single-player expansion this November called Ardennes Assault.

Players will control US forces as they repel a surprise attack from Germany in the Ardennes region of Western Europe. The expansion is based on the Battle of the Bulge, the largest and bloodiest conflict for US troops during the war.

The expansion will come with 18 new scenarios and 3 new Companies, each with a unique Officer and play-style. Company of Heroes developer Relic Entertainment says that player choices will impact the story and upgrades and Veterancy will carry over between missions. Since you’ll have a limited number of soldiers at your disposal, it’ll be possible to lose whole Companies permanently during the course of the expansion.

Ardennes Assault will also contain more missions than Company of Heroes 2 had in its original release.

Relic has promised that more details will come as the launch date approaches.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault will be available for PC on November 18, 2014.