Cliffy B Discusses Weapon Design for Upcoming Shooter BlueStreak

By Alex Connellan – 22nd August 2014
Cliffy B Discusses Weapon Design for Upcoming Shooter BlueStreak

Cliff Bleszinski, former developer of Epic Games fame, has revealed some interesting information on the weapon design for Boss Key Studios’ upcoming arena shooter, BlueStreak (working title). While Cliff did an AMA on Reddit last month, and continues to post updates such as these on social media and, the sci-fi game remains somewhat of a mystery.

When the former Epic Games developer revealed in June that he would be coming out of retirement to make games again, some of the world remained cautiously optimistic, while others were ecstatic. After announcing his new studio, Boss Key Productions, is working on a free to play arena shooter, much of the excitement disappeared under chorus’ of distaste for the much-abused model.

After defending the model – “For every model that feels like Las Vegas methods (Zynga, Candy Crush) there’s folks who do it right, like League of Legends, or WarFrame,” – Cliff stated on Reddit that their aim is to build a positive community around the game and go from there. Cue periodic updates.

Expect the film District 9 to have a big influence over our arsenal

Updating via Facebook and email, Cliff discussed getting back into the swing of game design; making prototypes and working closely on testing with gameplay designers. When he brought up weapons spread and movement, he clarified: “Yes, we’re planning on having a *few* guns with iron sights via M2, the other weapons are planned to have alternate fires and other supplemental uses.”

Known for his love of games that shake up the FPS experience, like Titanfall, Cliff defends the decision: “Arena shooter purists sometimes shrug off iron sights and reloading as Call of Duty features, but as I like to say, everything in moderation. Some additions to the FPS genre are welcome and are here to stay. Reloading and some aiming can add a light layer of depth to the cadence of combat.”

After bringing up his love for the diverse number of weapons in Unreal Tournament, he revealed that the supposed sci-fi setting of the game will definitely carry into the weapon selection.

Expect the film District 9 to have a big influence over our arsenal.”

In my opinion, project BlueStreak is intriguing enough to warrant attention, especially from diehard Unreal Tournament and arena shooter fans. Whether or not its free to play model will be intrusive is still unclear, but at least fans can take solace in the fact that it won’t be another ‘dude-bro’ game.

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