A new generation of sound – Crytek partners with IOSONO

By Joe Reilly – 4th August 2014
A new generation of sound – Crytek partners with IOSONO

Crytek announced today that it will be partnering with IOSONO, a leading audio technology company based in Germany.

IOSONO has developed a next generation audio system for games called PROXIMITY, which is designed to increase the realism of games. This system works like surround sound with speakers or headphones, sort of like 3D audio. “Sounds…come closer with depth, extending into the room from the speakers all the way to the listener’s position.” The announcement that these two companies working together means that we will be seeing games on the CRYENGINE with a next level sound system.

After revealing PROXIMITY at Gamescom 2013, Crytek’s senior audio designer Christian Schilling demoed a Crysis 3 level with PROXIMITY. Schilling said that, “PROXIMITY actually is the right term, it brings things closer to your ears. It sounds a bit as if you’re using headphones, it simulates that the sound source is really close to your head.” Crytek will be the first launch partner for IOSONO’s new technology. 

PROXIMITY will also come with a developers kit which will be shipping fall 2014.

Beginning in 2015 we should start seeing PROXIMITY integrated into Crytek’s self-published games including Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age.