5 Things That Should Be in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

By Maxime Chiasson – 25th August 2014
5 Things That Should Be in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Last week, after months of anticipation, Hotline Miami was finally released on PlayStation 4, nearly 2 years after its original debut on PC. This was a great opportunity for players who did not have the chance to play it initially, like myself, to finally experience Dennaton Games’ bloody, action-packed, top-down shooter. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Hotline Miami (I got the Platinum trophy for it in less than a week), however I felt like the game could’ve benefited from additional features. This, led me to think about what would be great to see in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which will come out later this year.

Here are the top 5 things that should be in Hotline Miami 2:

5- Customizable Control Options

The most frustrating thing I found with Hotline Miami was how difficult it was to master its controls. Despite having simplistic twin stick shooting mechanics, I found myself constantly dying because of the game’s unreliable and awkwardly-placed target locking system, which doesn’t seem like a problem on the PC version. By pressing the R3 or R2 buttons on your controller, you have the ability to lock on the enemy that is the nearest from your field of view, making it easier to kill it. However, if you are aiming slightly off the enemy, it may not necessarily target him, which results in certain death. This could’ve been easily avoided with the option to change the input of the target locking system.

Since both of your thumbs are constantly on the Control Sticks and your index fingers on both Bumpers, it is extremely difficult to lock onto an enemy while using R3 or R2 without ruining your momentum. If the input would’ve been placed on the L2 button, which isn’t used for any action, players would’ve probably had an easier time mastering the controls without dying hundreds of times. I find that, if the player has multiple control options or the ability to customize them to his liking, it will make the game a lot more accessible. Don’t get me wrong, Hotline Miami’s controls aren’t bad at all as they don’t ruin the entire experience, though it is awfully hard to pick up and play if you are a first time player.

So much 8-Bit violence. I love it

So much 8-bit violence. I love it


4- A Deep Level Editor

Despite being unveiled at E3 2014, we still don’t know that much about Hotline Miami 2’s Level Editor. We know that we’ll be able to create our own levels and share them with others, but we don’t know anything about the scope and scale of this feature revolving around player customization.

Since Hotline Miami 2 will be the last game in the franchise, it would be huge if the community members could build their own custom-made Hotline Miami game with the Level Editor, all while having a minimum of restriction. Sure, there will be a lack of any kind of storyline, but it will be a great incentive for players to go back to Wrong Number even though they have already completed everything the core experience has to offer. The possibilities will be endless if Dennaton successfully delivers a robust and easy to use level editing tool.

A sneak peak at what the Level Editor will look like in Wrong Number

A sneak peak at what the Level Editor will look like in Wrong Number


3- More and Longer Levels

There is no denying that Hotline Miami is a pretty short experience despite the numerous retries caused by deaths. At most, it would take you 8 hours to complete the game and get all of its bonuses. For a game with so much creativity and originality, it’s a shame that there isn’t more for us to enjoy.

Wrong Number needs at least 10 hours of in-game content, this time around, in order for it to be considered a satisfying sequel. Make the levels longer with multiple floors to exterminate, make them a bit more challenging without being unforgiving, add some less-frustrating boss battles that are all clever in their own way and double the amount of chapters of the original game. What I am trying to say is add a lot more replay value to the overall experience. Even though I am confident that the Level Editor will contribute immensely to that aspect, it shouldn’t be a reason for Dennaton to half-ass their own created levels as they are sure to be the best ones we’ll get out of Wrong Number.

2- An Engaging Story Line

Let’s face it; Hotline Miami’s plot was probably the most absurd thing that video games have seen in a long time. Its disjointed chronology and weird characters made absolutely no sense. Plus, the fact that you had no clue of the main characters’ motivations added to the overall confusion of the story. Though you may argue that its wacky story is all part of its charm and craziness, I feel like Hotline Miami could’ve benefited strongly from a deep storyline exploring all the messed up things that were happening in Miami during the late 80s.

With Hotline Miami 2 directly following the events of the first game and introducing new characters, I am hoping to see a lot more character interaction while I am not ruthlessly murdering hundreds of gang members. If Dennaton is able to make the players feel for the characters and their motivations, it is only going to enhance the players’ investment into the game in general. Just because it’s an acardy game with an 8-Bit style doesn’t mean it can’t have a compelling story.

Introducing Mark, a new playable character that has the ability to wield two weapons

Introducing Mark, a new playable character that has the ability to wield two weapons

1- Multiplayer

How cool would it be to have some kind of multiplayer component into Hotline Miami 2? Cooperative play may be the go-to feature players would have in mind, but I also have a crazy vision for competitive multiplayer as well.

First off, killing thousands of gang members is a lot more enjoyable while you are with friends. Since Wrong Number is introducing new characters, it would be the perfect opportunity to offer drop-in/drop-out 2 player co-op within single player or in a separate multiplayer game mode with levels specifically designed for it. This could add more challenge, bigger replay value and enhance the overall Hotline Miami 2 package. Teamwork will be essential as players will need to coordinate strategies in order to complete the levels without dying. It would just make sense to have co-op within Hotline Miami 2.

The other feature that could work would be to add a 1v1 or a team-based Deathmatch game mode. Just like the regular game, one hit will kill you and it will be a game of who can use the map to his advantage as well as who can plan out his attacks the best. 1v1 could be a cat and mouse-type mode where both players spawn at opposite ends of a maze and it’s all about killing the opponent before he eliminates you first. Unfortunately, this idea may never see the light of day since there may be some serious balancing issues, but I feel like it could be a great element to try out if you get tired of solo play or want more out of the game in general.

Sadly, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number doesn’t have a set 2014 release date for its PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita debut. However, with PAX Prime happening this weekend in Seattle, I wouldn’t be surprised if we receive any crucial information regarding Wrong Number. Who knows, maybe one of those listed requests will be revealed during the event.

What do you think of this list? Does it make any sense or are you already satisfied with the core Hotline Miami experience? Make sure to let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to Gamer Headlines for more on Hotline Miami 2.

  • Clancy Carr

    In my opinion, the vague story in the first game was fantastic, not everything needs to be laid out for you or fully explained. Where’s the mystery, the intrigue then? The original is very unique in it’s unusual storytelling method, particularly the multiple fourth-wall breaking moments. It doesn’t need to change one bit, structure wise.

  • sswam

    Your ideas are good, but I trust Dennation to do a great job on the game. It will be an insta-buy for me regardless. I don’t agree that the story was weak in the original game, I think it was very good.

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