YouPorn E-Sports Contract Has Been Drafted

By Dewbz – 31st July 2014
YouPorn E-Sports Contract Has Been Drafted

Recently YouPorn had stated an interest in being a sponsor for an eSports team, preferably for League of Legends, Hearthstone, or Dota 2 teams. It was confusing for most, because everyone wondered what interest a company such as YouPorn had in video game tournaments. The reaction from gamers worldwide wasn’t as critical as one might think though. Sure there were some who seemed opposed to the idea, but overall most everybody seemed to be on board with the idea of having YouPorn become a potential sponsor. Or at least more people than one would think.

Well YouPorn has officially tweeted out a tweet letting the world know that a contract has indeed been made and that the deal will be finalized in the very near future. YouPorn has also let it be known that they really want to extend their branches into the video game industry, so maybe we can expect some more of YouPorn’s presence infused into the video game scene. Some don’t blame them though. The last League of Legends tournament, the one that sold out the freakin’ Staples Center with over 10,000 people attending, offered a first place prize of $1 million dollars (Dr. Evil voice). So many can understand the company’s desire to get in on the lucrative action. Though there is an obvious stigma the porn company will be sure to bring to the table when this deal is finally made, and said stigma has some people worried about whether or not YouPorn will unintentionally taint the innocence of the eSports tournaments. I mean video games are played by people of all ages to be sure, but everyone knows that there are LOTS of kids watching these tournaments as well. But many think that the team that does sign on with the company will be paid very handsomely.The only question that I have myself ┬áis whether or not another adult entertainment company will follow in YouPorn’s footsteps and try to sponsor eSports teams as well.

Who knows if this will become a future trend but for now, YouPorn is set to be an eSports sponsor. For more news on everything gaming, keep keeping up with The GamerHeadlines!

  • Ehhh

    No, you can clearly read they are sponsoring an E-Sports team and not an E-Sports tournament. It does not cost anywhere near a million dollars to sponsor a team.

  • JJustice

    And sold out 30,000 seats within hours at Key Arena in Seattle.

  • stopbeingacunt

    nobody cares