Sony and Bungie Want You to be Ready for the Destiny Beta

By Alison Hudson – 15th July 2014
Sony and Bungie Want You to be Ready for the Destiny Beta

With Destiny beta fever reaching a fever pitch, Sony and Bungie are making sure players are ready for the game’s arrival on PlayStation this Thursday.

In the last couple of days, players who pre-ordered Destiny via PS Plus have found the Destiny beta beginning to pre-load already. This should help ease the flood of downloading that’s sure to happen on Thursday. It also gives digital purchasers a slight lead in logging in and playing. So far, no retailer has sent out early download codes, so those who gained Destiny beta access via Amazon, GameStop, or another retailer may end up jockeying for bandwidth on Thursday.

In addition, the PlayStation Blog posted a new video today called “Everything You Need To Know About The Destiny Beta.” (Below)

The two-minute video is sure to stress how much awesome content will be available in the Destiny beta. It also features Bungie Community Manager David Dague giving a shout-out to “the Playstation Nation” as the first ones to experience the game.

Bungie, meanwhile, has released a tutorial video for streaming and sharing Destiny beta play on Twitch TV or other outlets. The tutorial covers both PS4 and Xbox One. Apparently they have no expectations of non-disclosure with this open beta.

Finally, Sony and Bungie have flooded the Internet this week with beta codes. Several websites have contests, giveaways, and various other angles for giving out beta access codes to those who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) preorder the game. This is in addition to recent news that those with beta access with get three download codes so they can share the experience with friends who didn’t pre-order.  Clearly, Bungie wants a lot of people playing the Destiny beta for the next two weeks.

With such a big  launch, the first twenty-four hours of the Destiny beta are certain to be plagued with technical issues, from slow downloads to clogged login servers and possibly even game-crashing bugs. Players can only hope that both Sony and Bungie are prepared behind-the-scenes to make the big day as good as possible.

  • Th3taJ

    I participated in an early look on my PS4 and I was already surprised by how much content was available. I can’t wait to participate in the next beta!