Samurai Warriors 4: PS3 vs PS4 Screenshots

By Jalane Farrington – 29th July 2014
Samurai Warriors 4: PS3 vs PS4 Screenshots

Returning for the fourth time, the latest sequel to the Samurai Warriors franchise contains new surprises that will revolve around Japan’s rich history, mystical lore, artworks, and finally the Warring States era. During this war-time period, Japan has been divided into several states where new rulers emerge and combat their close adversaries with large forces in hopes of conquering more territories before uniting all of Japan’s landscapes as a supreme emperor. Before seeing any of these cinematic events or images , game observers will need to see the difference in the screenshots to really see the visual enhancements made in the next generation console.

Clearly, the next generation consoles contain more lighting features, especially the sun’s intensity over the maps, which impact the shadows and glows upon the numerous characters’ bodies and detailed clothing. After observing these fine lighting and sharp shadows, the Koei Tecmo Games and Omega Force’s project in the Playstation 3 still seems to bring a variety of colors, but the high definition from the other system is purposely used to create realistic environments. Meaning, replicating the lights will only factor towards producing realistic contents.

Besides the enhanced visuals, this fighting project promises other neat features and functions. With over fifty individual profiles to control, the player can explore these characters’ ambitions, convictions, and motivations through the story mode.  Additionally, this role-playing game also incorporates the “cross-save” ability, that is a functional feature for players to save their current file and open their saved content on three PlayStation systems.

Ending on that note, North Americans will receive this hack-and-slash package in October 21, 2014 for the PlayStation Vita, PS3, and PS4. For more information regarding this fourth sequel, please visit the official website.

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