Richard Nixon’s After Reset updates with new screenshots

By Samual Sales – 30th July 2014
Richard Nixon’s After Reset updates with new screenshots

The Kickstarter campaign isn’t even over yet, but it seems like Richard Nixon’s After Reset, a post apocalyptic isometric RPG inspired by Fallout and Baldur’s Gate, has updated their Kickstarter page already with development screenshots from the game. Check them out in the gallery below:

It’s still early days mind, and I’m guessing that most people wouldn’t appreciate a ton of screenshots of an empty hallway. Still it gets you an idea of the aesthetic that the developers are after, which seems to be a lot cleaner and sterile than the rust and dust of similar franchises like Fallout and Wasteland. The developers make clear that this still a work in progress, and is filled only with 40% of required objects, features incomplete lighting, and has the render quality set to ‘low’. One interesting tidbit of information to come out of this is that the game will run at a native 4k resolution, a whopping huge achievement considering that games consoles are still struggling to hit the 1080p mark.

After Reset aims to bring us the ‘Fallout 3 we never got’, and will feature it’s own SPECIAL inspired system called SACPIC, where you will be able to customize every aspect of your character, or choose from a list of pre-made ones if you just want to jump in and play. The game will also carry on the tradition of a non-linear story, giving you the freedom to explore and choose between multiple story arcs and endings.

All the members of the team claim to be loyal fans of the original Fallout games, but will be swapping out the trademark 1950’s retro apocalypse, and re-imagining it as a sci-fi one. While they intend to preserve the mood and atmosphere from the legendary franchise, there will be an emphasis on realism when it comes to the weapons and settings in the game.