Quantum Break Unbroken By Xbox Entertainment Closure

By Christopher Groux – 18th July 2014
Quantum Break Unbroken By Xbox Entertainment Closure

Remedy Entertainment’s game-TV hybrid Quantum Break wont be impacted by the recent closure of Xbox Entertainment. Microsoft confirmed to Polygon yesterday that both the gameplay segments and show are on track to meet their expected release date. In fact, its developers remain committed to their previous promise that fans will see more footage from both sides of Quantum Break during Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference next month.

For those that haven’t followed the lore of Quantum Break, it was revealed by Microsoft last year as a one-part action TV series combined with third-person action gameplay. As players progress through the plot, they’ll be constantly switching between the two mediums. Supposedly, the choices and actions made during the game will even impact the course of your unique version of the TV series.

Because this project focused so much on TV assets, much of the games media was interested to see what course development might take given the slow closure of Xbox Entertainment. Would shooting for the TV segments cease? Would the game be cancelled altogether? The answer to both of these questions looks to be a resounding “no.” As is the case with other high-profile Xbox Entertainment properties, work will be conducted to completion.

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  • This is a game I am looking forward to. It’s either gonna be a real revolution in games or a truly glorious fiasco…. and either way it will be entertaining to watch.