New Attacks in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Official Trailer

By Jalane Farrington – 26th July 2014
New Attacks in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Official Trailer

Koei Tecmo Games Corporation will be releasing the third crossover sequel in the Warriors Orochi franchise in two more months! Excitingly, the motivated developers has been releasing more announcements and sneak peeks to this familiar title, which contains multiple characters from other video game series: Sophitia Alexander (Soul Caliber), Sterkenburg Cranach (Atelier), Kasumi (Dead or Alive 5), Rachel and Momiji (Ninja Gaiden), and Xu Shu (Dynasty Warriors). Besides seeing these particular faces from the new website, more unidentified individuals are shown with their amazing stylish attacks in the latest official trailer for two minutes.

This short promotional video basically introduces quite quickly the fast fighting techniques, which reflect and depend on the environment, the fighter’s condition, and other extraordinary situations. By striking above the enemy’s head, the user can unlock aerial action. By damaging multiple opponents on the ground, the player can release Musou Burst mode, a circular technique penetrating all objects around the controlled character. However, the most interesting aspect is watching the “changing battle styles” because this move sounds very conditional and almost similar to a special feature in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3. When a nearby uncontrolled or artificial intelligent ally is located very close to the main character, they both can release a special attack that synchronize with each other in the area from what’s seen in this clip.

Either way, interested players should really checkout this hack-and-slash for not only its combat gameplay but also the other features: the captivating time-traveling story, the character’s side stories, etc. North Americans will receive this ultimate package this coming September 2, 2014 for the PlayStation Vita, PS3, PS4, and XBox One. For more information about this smash-hitting title, please visit the official website that was recently launched this month.

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