League of Legends Introduces New Bans

By Edd Cockshutt – 22nd July 2014
League of Legends Introduces New Bans

If there is one thing League of Legends is particularly notorious for, it is one of the worst online communities that has ever existed. The developers at Riot Games are in a constant struggle to improve player experience but overwhelming odds are stacked against them. Past efforts to curb the toxicity of the community have included the tribunal system, which allows players to vote on disciplinary action that should be taken against offenders in a system vaguely reminiscent of the French Revolution.

Jeffery Lin, Lead Designer of Social Systems at Riot Games, tweeted that League of Legends will be trialling a new system whereupon the worst offenders will be issued a 14 day or permanent ban. What crimes would these harsh measures warrant? According to Lin this would be intentional feeding and racism. In a later reddit post, Lin added death threats and homophobia to the list of severely punishable offenses. Lin also explained that anyone complaining of an unfair ban would be able to view the chat log that attracted the attention of the Riot Games banhammer, further stating that past attempts to preserve player’s privacy had resulted in criticism so now the disciplinary action would be entirely transparent.

Some players have voice concerns over the issue of leaving games. Leaving games is not always the fault of the players; sometimes internet or power could cut out or Riot’s servers could experience issues, booting players and potentially leaving them open for unjust punishment. If this is not fixed then there could be a myriad of unjust bans which would undoubtedly incur the wrath of the community. There seems little question that League of Legends needed more extreme disciplinary measures, the offensive capabilities of the player base have reached legendary status. Riot Games have made their best efforts to encourage the community away from toxicity but it seems that their past attempts have produced unsatisfactory results. Hopefully this new system will make the League of Legends experience better for everyone.