GameStop Introduces A Gift Card Exchange Service

By Adam Willis – 16th July 2014
GameStop Introduces A Gift Card Exchange Service

GameStop has introduced a new “gift card exchange” program for its customers. By going to this website, you can enter in gift cards from other stores and retailers, get a quote on them, and then convert them into GameStop gift cards. The service won’t provide a physical card in return but instead sends a digital one to your email. Because of this it seems unlikely that the service will be offered in stores.

This service is provided through the website, Cardpool. Cardpool buys old gift cards at a percentage of their worth and sells them at a discounted cost.

Whether this service will exchange gift cards at a one-to-one rate or offer a reduced amount for them is not yet known. GameStop has become a bit of a running joke on the Internet for their low payout on used game trade-ins. You can find the tweet below.

We’ll update this story when we hear more.

Update 16th July: 

In response to how the exchange rate worked GameStop said, “The rates offered for gift card exchanges vary depending on the merchant.”

They also added, “We are always looking into new ways to reach consumers with our service and hope to announce some exciting news soon!”

  • nonscpo

    Im confused as to how this works for Gamestop, how they turn a profit from this. It seems more like their trying to fudge some numbers during a potential slow period for them.

  • Gamerfan02

    They get more business this way- instead of being locked-in with a gift card to pottery barn or any of the other places you might get a gift card to and not want to buy from you are able to exchange it for a gift card at gamestop. the company that is partnered with gamestop is the one that makes the money from the exchange rate, by buying out your card. I think it is a cool service and one i have wanted for a while- i always hated getting a gift card to a place i don’t shop and wishing it was a gamstop or barns card.