Free Avast Vs F-Secure which one is the better AntiVirus?

By Adam Willis – 7th July 2014
Free Avast Vs F-Secure which one is the better AntiVirus?

Today we compare Avast! against F-Secure Antivirus and see which is better for the end user. Malware and viruses just seem to keep getting better at sneaking their way past basic firewalls and anti-virus software, and just are improving in terms of infiltration, they are increasingly destructive if left to do their dirty work undetected. For those looking to ensure a maximum defence for their system, the good news is that there’s plenty of decent suites out there to choose from, and here we’re going to compare two of the leading lights – Avast and F-Secure.

Let’s begin with perhaps the most significant difference between the two programs – Avast includes a Virtual Sandbox feature, whereas F-Secure does not. The sandbox is a great feature to have because it allows literally with one click to isolate the browser from the rest of the system, meaning that the virus is caught, trapped and ready to be removed before it can cause any damage. Basically this is a real time, pre-emptive strike back against the virus and provides a huge boost for overall security especially relevant for heavy web users.

Another strong feature hosted by Avast is the FileRep feature that allows the user to determine by their own judgement how safe it is to open a downloaded file. Avast looks at how many times the file has been downloaded by other people, and also how new the file is (determining how likely it is to have been compromised). Once more a nice feature, but nowhere quite as significant game changer as the Virtual Sandbox.

As would be expected for such high-end performers, both score very strongly when looking at detection through system scans; and also, they perform quietly and efficiently in the background, using little in the way of system resources. The difference really is negligible but Avast just edges it by a nose.

Incase anyone is starting to feel a little sort for F-Secure, they do have the best and most user friendly control panel and also include parental controls for those happy to let their kids surf alone online. For some users this will be an important consideration, and while Avast has a perfectly functional interface it does not offer such filtering. It’s also worth mentioning on the flip side that Avast does offer protection for those who use instant messaging, again an important issue for some people but less so for others.

In regards to customer service and support F-Secure have an excellent reputation not just for being typically able to resolve issues swiftly but also in being really simple to get in touch with. They offer not just phone or online form submission (As Avast does), but also email and chat.

There’s plenty of other little features and add-ons that may attract a user but this covers the really important features that anyone looking to buy either of these products really ought to consider. Those looking for a clean, deceptively powerful, family and customer friendly product may find their heads turned towards F-Secure. However if I had to choose I would lean towards Avast, purely because the Virtual Sandbox and FileRep features are both really smart inclusions to (nearly) be sure that anything nasty the web sends at you will be snuffed out swiftly.