Using Google Maps 5 things you didn’t know

By Adam Willis – 6th June 2014
Using Google Maps 5 things you didn’t know

The days of using old map books, finding directions are the things in the past, now with google maps you can find and locate and navigate anywhere. With Google Maps, not only can you find your way to your destination easily, but you can also look places up, search for real estate areas, and much, much more. There are a few things about Google Maps you should know in order to make the most out of it, though!

Save Maps that are available Offline on your mobile

Even though this feature may get out of control if not used properly and you may end up with tons of maps that you don’t actually need and full storage space, if you are careful, address the directions you want to go and cache the map before starting your trip. After that type “Okay Maps” in your search bar and your mobile device will automatically save the maps you need making them available in offline mode.

The Creation of a Multi-Stop Route

As most of you know, Google Maps offers its users the possibility to find directions from one place to another and even suggest a pretty accurate timetable letting you know how many minutes a trip would take if you are riding a bike, in a car or simply walking. What most people using the web mapping service don’t know is that you have the possibility to add multiple stops to your route and Google will calculate the fastest and most efficient route you can take.

Map Mashups

A feature of Google Maps that is most helpful to web developers is the possibility to merge information with other sources with Google’s web mapping service. This results in amazing web presentations, such as the fiction based Doctor Who Locations fan map or the US zip code boundaries map. Giving limitless possibilities you are able to create virtually anything. Probably one of the most amazing maps created with this feature is the Nu clear blast map that shows you what the impacts of said blast could be.

Drag Along to get Alternate Driving Directions

Once you select your designated route in Google Maps, you are able to get alternate directions by clicking and dragging the route selected automatically around. The web mapping service will automatically calculate your new route without you having to wait as it lets you customize the route you need to take with a few simple clicks.

Get the Most Recommended Places

If you are a tourist and you don’t know where to go in a city you haven’t been before, simply find the city in Google Maps and then type the asterisk sign in the search bar. This will show you all the available places in the town you’ve chosen as well as the recommendation of people.

Much like any other product from the company, Google Maps is a powerful tool that even though is easy to use and may seem simple actually hold amazing capabilities and options that will further enhance your experience. Being one of the best web mapping services to date and constantly updated, learning just how to use it may help you find where you need to go and how to get there in just seconds.

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    Cool article, except furor the fact that, well,you know, it doesn’t even provide a clue as to how to do any of the things it mentions.