Top 10 Patriotic Female Americans in Video Games

By Jalane Farrington – 25th June 2014
Top 10 Patriotic Female Americans in Video Games

Nothing beats the red, white, and blue than beautiful women who represent our nation’s pride! These hot chicks with guns who can handle a man can stun us by not only their amazing physique but also their die-hard compassion. Therefore, Gamer Headlines is proud to present and count down the best patriotic and female Americans of all time in video games!

Innocent Child

10. Clementine

Nothing is more captivating then the transformation and coming to age story of this beautiful eight-years-old. Stealing the hearts of many, Clementine’s first debut was a smashing success, which resulted in a sequel. Guess who stars as the main protagonist? *Wink* Yes, Clementine… When you grow older, you actually have to be front and center. How scary is that? On a serious note, her personal experiences (losing her long hair and seeing her decease parents as walkers) reminds us to walk it off during rough times.

The Walking Dead: A TellTale Game Series (2012)

After leaving her suburban home in Georgia, this child journeys with Lee Everett who promises to protect her and find her parents in Savannah.  As the duo travels along on their dangerous route, she quickly comprehends the growing ordeals, tough demands, and life-staking decisions of survival.