Tired of War Games Like Call of Duty?

By TheeLindsayClarke – 19th June 2014
Tired of War Games Like Call of Duty?

Tale of Tales is an intriguing game company with even more fascinating games under their belt. The Belgian developer is made up of two people — Auriea Harvey, who does much of their games’ art and modeling, and Michaël Samyn, who is responsible for effects and programming. They have done their fair share of experimenting in the game world, having created interactive screensavers that get very, very strange, games that allow players to take on the role of deer (yes, like, the animal) that cannot communicate and do not have any goals to speak of.

Obviously, they’ve made some intriguing stuff.

As of June 14th, the company has created a Kickstarter to help fund their new — and less abstract — vision, a game called Sunset. The game is set in 1970’s South America during a time of war. But unlike Call of Duty and Battlefield, you don’t get to race out on the front lines to kill those dirty scoundrels on the other side of the battlefield. You’re a maid who works for a wealthy man who has his own parts to play in the war.

The game’s tagline is, “Will you be a fighter? A lover? A traitor or a friend?” It seems as though you never leave the apartment, but by looking around and changing the environment, you can make a huge difference in how the game turns out. In their Kickstarter video, the creators compare their new game  to titles like Dear Esther and Gone Home.

It will be ambitious if simplistic, showing players the intricacies of war — even if they’re nowhere near the battlefield.

The company needs to raise $25 000 in a month, and they’re already passed $12 000, with over 300 backers. If you’re interested in making a pledge, you can do so here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/taleoftales/sunset-a-first-person-videogame-thriller.