Playstation Vita – The lack of AAA Titles

By Jon Davison – 18th June 2014
Playstation Vita – The lack of AAA Titles

The Playstation Vita is a powerful bit of kit. In fact I’ve recently been playing through Borderlands 2 on my handheld and it is serving me well on my commute to work. It may not translate perfectly for Sony’s Playstation Vita, I’ve always found shooters quite tough to navigate with the smaller analogue sticks. There’s also the frame-rate drop that occurs occasionally throughout gameplay. However all of this is forgiven, because I’m getting the experience of playing an AAA title like Borderlands 2 on the train.

But will we be seeing more huge titles on the powerful little handheld device? Borderlands 2 proves that it is possible to port a large console game successfully, albeit with a few small niggling issues. Don Mesa, Sony Computer Entertainment’s product planning and platform software innovation director has recently stated that: “The economics simply don’t work with the traditional process. We have to do something different to get AAA games on Vita.” Of course remote play does allow Vita users to stream PS4 titles to their handheld device, and with the emergence of PS Now gamers will be able to stream PS3 games as well. So in a sense you can play blockbuster titles with the right network environment.

Without developers releasing Triple-A titles on the Vita it may fall by the wayside, due to gamers not adopting the handheld. However as a Vita user myself I do wonder if it needs huge titles, in it’s own right it is a great bit of kit and a great extension to the Playstation 4. It also has a vast amount of unique indie titles that are fun on the move (Hotline Miami and Limbo both spring to mind) and it has a number of interesting ports on the horizon. Child of Light and Don’t Starve: Giant Edition are to releases that I’m sure will translate well on the smaller screen. These aren’t huge titles but both will be perfect for the Vita and truth be told, the only AAA titles I’ve played on the Vita are FFX HD, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and the aforementioned Borderlands 2, most of my Vita time is taken up by smaller titles such as Hotline Miami, Limbo or Muramasa Rebirth.

The thing about the Vita is Playstation Plus is frankly fantastic for it, you could probably get by each month just by playing the free downloadable games. Last month I didn’t put down Muramasa Rebirth, but that’s the thing, you have solid blockbuster titles. Maybe not many but they’re there, but if you look deep down you have a wealth of games from new releases to older Playstation One games. Unfortunately consumers only seem to look at the games on display, but the Vita is all about the digital releases. 

Some more big exclusive titles would be nice, but does it really need them. There’s a wealth of superb content on the Vita that more people need to be made aware of. So I say long live the Playstation Vita with or without AAA titles.

  • Dante Twitch

    Agreed. I bought a Vita a few months ago, hesitantly, and I’ve not looked back. The hate the console is getting is baffling to me. I have Uncharted, Terraria, Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy X, God of War, Mortal Kombat, Killzone: Mercenaries, to name a few, and in August I’ll be playing Minecraft. This is by far the best hand-held I’ve ever owned and I don’t regret buying it, not one iota. Why people are bitching and moaning about the machine is beyond me. “No games”? What, I’m dreaming all the games I have on my PSN account?

    “No, dude, the majority of Vita games are all ports!!!” – Okay, yes, a lot of them are ports, but no-one seems to be able to answer this for me: So what? Who cares if the awesome games you are playing ON THE FRIGGING BUS or wherever are ports or not? Don’t be such elitists! I can play Borderlands 2 on the friggin’ TOILET! Whinge all you want, but that is BEYOND awesome.

    Sorry for the tl;dr, but it’s starting to really piss me off, seeing everyone rag on the Vita when the Vita is a powerful and nifty bit of kit. Put it like this, I ain’t seeing Borderlands 2 on the 3DS any time soon.

    • Eddie Jay IsMuzik

      Most of the games are ports. I play my vita at home because I drive to and from work. And if I have a choice to buy the game on my ps4 or my vita I’m going to buy it on the ps4. I have more than one HDTV in my house so I don’t need remote play. The vita needs exclusives period and honestly indie games aren’t that good. Casual gamers yes but minus persona, killzone, and borderlands 2 (which I never played) and now conception 2 my vita gets little to no love. Its pointless. Im not going to remote play my ps4 and substitute l2 r2 l3 r3 for touchpads thats why I do not game on my phone -__- and I can pause the game long enough to shit.

      • Wabadoo bi doo

        Then buy the VITA exclu games ! Lmao

  • Krystian Juskowiak

    Shame – i’ve won Vita few days ago but i’m not so happy at all. Why?
    Because i like good AAA like Resistance, Metal Gear Solid, God of War,
    Need for Speed, Black etc. So in conclusion – i like games from big
    consoles like PS2/PS3. Nintendo world? It’s not for me.

    I have PSP from 2 years right now, but i’m starting to like this handheld just now – because of poor games played in past. Many games for PSP was…let’s just say…total crap (like Need for Speed’s) – crappy ports or japanese games which are often little
    strange and fun only for some gamers from outside Japan. But after 2 years, when i’ve discovered NORMAL GAMES like Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Burnout, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Gran Turismo, GTA or Star Wars – PSP start to be fun for me.

    PS Vita is worse that PSP for me – i’ve won this handheld but what games i can play? Few AAA and tons of strange Indie’s, which are not fun to me (anybody can
    write a game but those games are often crappy and boring, so Indie’s are
    like a junkyard with rare pearls).

    Shame – Vita is a great handheld with big amount of power but become landing place for Indie’s – it’s not handheld for Sony fans, it’s handheld for casual player’s (3DS
    is better in that case but Nintendo is not for all gamers). How it can be a PlayStation if it don’t have core PS series? In that case – normal smartphones or tablets are better because same Indie’s are there and much cheaper + more portable.

    I’ve expected PS3 on the go before Vita was released and i’ve spend much time on promo-stands, playing on Vita. Reality was harsh – Vita was victim of it’s own expectations (and price – both hardware and memory cards!).

    • Wabadoo bi doo

      Man, try the AAA vita has already,,, i say some of the most fun and well pollished games these days are on vita,,, kz mercenary, gravity rush, escape plan, freedom wars, soul sacrifice D, Ys, blahblahblah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Krystian Juskowiak

        The problem is: I don’t like japanese games, so jRPG’s and games like Ys or digital novel are not for me. I’m not a big fan of Indie’s too.

        I’ve played Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Killzone etc, but there are not so many titles like that. I’m waiting for PS Now to play streamed PS3 games from Sony servers on Vita.

        I’ve just trust Sony before Vita was released, and that’s way I’m disappointed. It should be PS3 on pocket – it’s not. It terms of monetizing and popularity – Android crushed Vita.

        I know – Vita have analog sticks etc, but still it’s one of worst platform for developers to earn money at the same time. Simply – it’s better to develop simple game around 1-2$ for Android than big game for Vita :-/