Hyrule Warriors, A Completely New Experience – Legend of Zelda fans are you prepared?

By Chris Lord – 15th June 2014
Hyrule Warriors, A Completely New Experience – Legend of Zelda fans are you prepared?

Hyrule Warriors was confirmed at E3 this year and is set to be released on 26 September 2014, which I’m sure has created a buzz among Nintendo and Legend of Zelda fans alike. The game, which was listed under one of the anticipated games for reveal at E3 and that is a Wii U exclusixe, is said to be a mash-up between Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, giving the players Zelda characters with Dynasty Warriors type moves. Recently an interview was released containing information about what makes this game different from the normal Zelda games we are used to seeing.

“There are a lot of us in the Hyrule Warriors dev team who grew up playing The Legend of Zelda,” says development producer Yosuke Hayishi, “so getting the chance to work on this series, we were actually a little nervous.” Regardless of nervousness going into the creating of this game, from what I have seen from the released trailers, it is sure to be a big hit. One of the topics discussed in the interview is what makes this game different from other Zelda games and the response from Eiji Aonuma, the supervisor for Nintendo was that the big difference is that in this game you are fighting an army, and multiple battles are going on around you at once, so if your forces are in trouble, you will be notified and you have the option to go and help your allies.

In the interview they also talk about a two-player co-op mode where, since this title is Wii U exclusive, one person will be able to play on the gamepad, while the other uses the Wii U control or Wii remote and nunchuk on the TV, so no split-screening will be involved therefore allowing each player to fully immerse themselves within the game. There will be many playable characters available, and since it’s a Legend of Zelda game, of course Link and Princess Zelda will be available, but Hayishi says, “if there is a certain character you like in the series, this is the first game where you will be able to play as your favorite character.”  

General producer of Hyrule Warriors, Hisashi Koinuma says that since this collaboration was the first of its kind, they were able to make it a great game that is like a celebration of both franchises. At the end of the interview Aonuma says, “As a collaborative title, it has both the essence of Zelda and the essence of Dynasty Warriors, as well as a lot of other essences they have all mixed in, to form a brand new experience. It’ll be great if both fans get interested in playing the other series. It’ll make me really happy if they all have fun playing.”

So what do you think of this new collaboration title? Keep checking Gamer Headlines for the latest on this game and many more.