Golden Sun Reveals Unpredictable Details

By Jalane Farrington – 27th June 2014
Golden Sun Reveals Unpredictable Details

With unpredictable release dates, petitions, and mixed review criticism, the Golden Sun (GS) franchise leaves both players and creators guessing where this role-playing series will go. Developed by Camelot Software Planning and released by Nintendo, the third installment called Golden Sun: Dark Dawn arrived in North American for the Nintendo DS in 2010.  Before its small debut, this turn-based masterpiece stirred speculations and has continued with good reasons.


Gaps between Releases

In  2001, North American audiences first meet the young hero and swordsman named Isaac along with his comrades who live in a world filled with djinns and psynergy. Marveling its unique artwork and innovative puzzles on the Gameboy Advance, new fans emerge from children to adults. Gaming veterans and critics who appreciated the fresh new content provided positive scores, such as IGN’s ratings (9.7/10).

On the same handheld console in 2002, the second sequel launched with positive reactions.  From this quick release, a former antagonist named Felix and his sister temporarily replaced the main cast and continue the second part of the story, which is later identified as one unified “prologue” in an NintendoWorldReport interview by the Takahashi brothers from Camelot. With this give-away indication, anticipated fans speculated a future package to arrive soon.

With minimum announcements and a quiet staff, confused supporters began to lose faith, suspecting to hear a “cancellation” announcement over the horizon. Not knowing the setbacks, United States gamers were surprise that the long-awaited third installment finally appeared after seven years.  With this extensive duration, the latest project was expected to not only be impressive but somewhat more intense, but it unexpectedly fell-short. What made this once incredible item go wrong?



One huge complication with the series deals with djinns; collecting these elemental creatures not only replace the overall use for stock items but major inflicting attacks as well. For a further explanation, someone may simply skip the “Attack” command and use a Fire Djinn because this creature is more than capable of sending the final blow. As such, developers should prioritize on what might push audiences to take advantage on all gaming assets, including having resources or just remove them completely.

Additionally, players report the quick recovery of psynergy as another negative setback because this restoration performance also causes them to neglect other interesting abilities and concentrate more on summoning or using magic. Though using this unique energy and helpful beings correspond to solving puzzles integrated in maps, the developers should reinforce limitations to increase the game’s overall difficulty.

These two issues were outstanding compare to minor technicalities. Since each individual has his or her own preferences and opinions, the other common complaints cover from the characters to the graphics with or without concrete details. Meanwhile, another group defends and compliments the achievements made in the project.



First time gamers love the coverage over the prologue from both dialogue and in-game encyclopedia. In fact, most supporters value seeing the familiar faces and collecting books involving Isaac’s adventures. In a way, recognizing the former characters spark an immediate recognition and fondness for the hours played in the older titles. Though the dialogue was considered useful, they also wished that text would be cut in half. Yet, keeping up with the dungeon explorations and other gimmicks also satisfies the traditional role-playing lovers. So what does this stand-still mean?


After the latest launch in 2010, James Newton wrote about an interview with Camelot involving the next project, which the representative remarked and requested for more comments from fans.

“A big reason for us making RPGs comes from the requests from all the people who have enjoyed our RPGs in the past. Perhaps if there are enough Nintendo users asking for another game in the GS series, then this will naturally lead to the development of such a game.”

By providing more feedback, the creators may improvise and adjust their development progress to the growing demands and our personal recommendations.  However, why would they ask for a petition when Dark Dawn had a cliffhanger ending? Without confirmation, indecisive producers may push the crew forward and incorporate their work into the 3DS. With its amazing online features, the studio may alter the gaming experiences significantly. However, will these final changes and differences be enough for various audiences to enjoy? Despite this possibility, the company has several other priorities in mind.


With several current projects and sequels coming out for the holidays and next year, priorities often need to be checked. By creating more commotions toward a specific thing, the studio can carefully examine the growing demands, review, and output force for a necessarily push for the product’s release.  Yet, the product still has not been seen for four years. After examining various gaps within its timeline, adjusting changes from feedback, and switching into another handheld platform, this unprecedented chapter will always unpredictable.

The Gamer Headlines encourage readers to take advantage of the comment section to type any statements, recommendations, or questions. We value each individual’s opinions and suggest sharing his or her thoughts on the matter.

  • Insigma

    Yeah, you pretty much got it down. Sad to say, Camelot Software Planning will be forever doomed to make Mario Sports games for all eternity.

  • Insigma

    They need a LOOOT of time to settle the massive amount of new story elements added in the DS game.

  • Jalane Farrington

    There will definitely be a fourth game due to the ending on the third game, but the real question is “when”. After doing more research, I notice that the third game was not being financial supported and became more of an independent game, which explains the slow progress.

  • Spuddy

    Regardless of what I may or may not think of the third game, I’ll buy any new Golden Sun game that is put in front of me instantly based solely on the legacy of the GBA duo. They deserve more than just one or two attempts to bring the spark back. Just keep trying!

  • Jake

    Anyone else bothered by the first image showing Mia instead of Ivan? Or Karis instead of Nowell?

    • GiveMeMoreGoldenSun

      its about it being male above male and female above female, new generation replacing the old.

      having atleast one female equalizes an obvious sausage fest, not making claims about it applying to golden sun, just that it is in the background thinking of people that are used to media reactions :)

  • Ian Gambina

    I always thought they should make a game about the 3 wise men who put a seal on alchemy in weyards ancient past. Back when everything was flourishing. Now I could see a way better story off that than dark dawn.

  • Being a huge Golden Sun fan, I thought that putting Isaac as a playable character in the new Smash Bros. would’ve given the series the push that it deserves. I really want a new Golden Sun game and this series needs to be continued! Great article!

    • Jalane Farrington

      Thanks! 😀

  • Tammara

    Please make another Golden Sun! I absolutely love the whole series thus far and I am anxious for the next installment

  • jade cereno

    Golden Sun please.. Im done with 1 and 2.. Must try 3 but I need 4 first ^_^

  • Will Ward

    Golden Sun is one of my favorite games and i love the series so i hope you will do a golden sun 4.