Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Momentarily Available for Pre-order

By Eoghain – 21st June 2014
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Momentarily Available for Pre-order

So there was a little slip up on the Square Enix Twitter account yesterday. For just a few fleeting moments their was an announcement that the much anticipated title Final Fantasy Type-0 was available for pre order and there was even a store link to follow. While mistakes do happen, and while the information and post was very quickly taken down, many are taking this as a hint that the game will be in our midst sooner than previously thought.

Developers Square Enix are getting a bit of a reputation for ambiguous release dates. Some question whether their other upcoming title Final Fantasy XV is ever going to be released. That game has been in development in one form or another since 2006. However, while FF XV is a fully fledged game built from the roots up, FF Type-0 is a port from the highly successful PlayStation Portable title that was only released in Japan. While that doesn’t make development simple, it does mean it wouldn’t be too surprising if it was made available much sooner than its heftier cousin.

Final Fantasy Type 0 Ace

The game began life as Final Fantasy Agito but was released in Japan on October 2011 as Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP. Though it shares thematic similarities with Final Fantasy XIII, it was inspired by the popularity of the mobile game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and refined the game mechanics from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Considering Square Enix’s recent chequered history it has probably been one of their bigger successes. Though the developers initially registered doubt at bringing it over to the West to many it seemed inevitable.

As part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series many of the games elements will be familiar but videos show that there is a lot new in this game. Combat seems inspired by the pace and mayhem of the Kingdom Hearts series and previews show a host of quick, adaptable characters. The story begins in a world at the brink of war and you join Class Zero, a group of twelve magical students whose abilities will be crucial in the coming battles. A game that prided itself on being story and dialogue heavy it had to be released on two UMD’s to cater for its length.

While details are sparse on whether there will be any new content for the Western version of the game it has been announced that it will be released both for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Even now rumours abound that the game may be ready for a Christmas release. Watch this space!