Announcing FF Fan Festival Teaser Website

By Jalane Farrington – 24th June 2014
Announcing FF Fan Festival Teaser Website

Chocobos, monsters, and sword masters! Oh My! Received three hours ago from twitter, Square Enix announces the upcoming Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Las Vegas.  Through the twitter message, appreciated followers may access the teaser website that announces an exclusive special invitation and offer for active North American subscribers from Square Enix. As such, Final Fantasy (FF) fans may have wait a little longer to purchase these limited tickets.

ff festival na

Though pressing the button for ticket prices block viewers with a message, internet users can still read the content by scrolling down. Because this website is still in production, the written text may change at any time before the website launches. With this in mind, don’t rely on the information and content until the launch. Unconfirmed discounts for admission ticket prices, the cost should start emerging relatively around $120 in early July. Upon ordering, purchasers may only buy up to four tickets.

Of course, this temporary website teases the viewer with six various screenshots about what happy attendees will experience. By attending this festival, participants may kill some time with in-gaming experiences with several electronic devices, platforms, and gadgets. This opportunity might even give attendees a possible chance to check out FFVII’s G Bike and others!

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To keep these fans preoccupied, live entertainment and exclusive announcements will also circulate. As such, keeping a phone nearby will be useful for any journalists who will be scoping. Additionally, this exciting event also includes live discussions, DEV panels, and Q&A sessions.

Though specific details remain scarce until the website launches, event goers may receive give away prizes and guaranteed loots, ranging from possible keys chains to games. All of this happens at Rio Hotel and Casino from October 17th to 19th! Besides North America, this wonderful gathering will also occur in Tokyo, Japan and London, England.