The Sims 4 will most possibly include a Premium Plan and paid DLCs

By Teo Borconi – 3rd May 2014
The Sims 4 will most possibly include a Premium Plan and paid DLCs

Say farewell to the days when you paid for the retail price of a game and you had access to everything it had to offer. That is a business plan of the past, something evidenced recently with EA’s surveys, surveys that tend to hint at a new model that will be used for the upcoming Sims 4. The Maxis developed and EA published Sims 4 game will likely come with a premium subscription of varying price, depending what exactly you opt for. Besides paying for the retail price of the game, you’ll have the option to choose from one of multiple paid service packages, which will grant you access to a varying amount of DLCs, skins, characters and additional content.

If you want the full package, you’ll be looking at around $100 in total costs, a package that will grant you access to the game as well as any additional content released within the first year. Prices may vary, and EA is currently doing extensive market research and analysis through surveys in order to determine just how much Sims 4 fans would be willing to pay. If you’ve been frowning at recent MMORPG releases that came with a monthly subscription on top of the game’s original price, you’ll be seeing a similar scenario here, minus the MMO part. Of course, EA won’t be forcing players to subscribe for premium packages (that are considerably steeper than recently used Season Pass packages on other games), but if you want access to everything, be ready to pull out your wallet.

EA and Maxis are already planning multiple DLCs for Sims 4, despite the game missing an official release date still. Based on this survey, players can expect between 12 and 16 DLCs for Sims 4, which is mind-blowing in itself, even compared to games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, which are obvious cash-grabs. So far, we know 5 confirmed DLCs for Sims 4, including University, Magic School, Generations, Seasons and Time Travel. Getting access to a dozen DLCs would make the investment for a Premium Subscription seem reasonable, but then again, we’re wondering what happened to proper expansion packs of the old days, which bundled up hours of content into one single release? Thing about Throne of Bhaal for Baldur’s Gate 2 or or Bloodmoon for Bethesda’s Morrowind and just how many hours of quality entertainment those provided back in the day.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of Sims 4, you’re likely to be interested in the various additions to the core game, and could thus justify the hefty price. However, the feeling of Sims 4 being a huge cash-grab on EA’s part is somewhat unshakable. How do you feel about spending upwards of $100 for the complete Sims 4 experience?

  • Rizky Muzakir


  • Hannah

    It used to be that the base game would be between $40-60, and the expansion packs would be $20-40 at their release date, right? So if you buy the $40 base game, and then 8 $20 expansions you’re paying $200. If $100 gets me the base game and all the expansions then I’m perfectly happy with that. Although I’m not too sure that I’m reading this correctly. I did just have to look up what a “DLC” was, and I still don’t think I know what it is. (Google says it’s ‘downloadable content’, but this article sounds like a DLC is an expansion, so I don’t know)

    • Beaux

      I guess the question is what are the terms. is this a 100 one time fee or is this annual? or what exactly? because subscription doesn’t using mean one time fee. I think paying 100 annually for a game is too much unless they plan to add additional content indefinitely. all things to consider. I still play Sims 2 because I hate the internet connectivity you need for sims 3. i was waiting out for this game but we will see. =/

  • This is not news; it’s baseless speculation. The survey had absolutely none of this.

  • kody koelling

    EA is a money grubbing gaming industry i think they’ll lose alot of simmers with this move

  • Juliette Perry

    I have been playing Sims since The Sims and I purchased every one of the expansion packs until Sims 3. I love the game, but have found their downloads to be less attractive than some of the FREE downloads from other sites. With each Sims from 1 to 3 I have become less thrilled and do not expect any grand things from 4. I do not even plan to buy Sims 4. I like 2 better than 3 and plan to stay with what I already have. I hate the way these games have become so intrusive and expensive and will not even frustrate myself with all of the “I’m gonna get your money any way I can” from these game developers. So, greed has lost them this customer.

  • I wonder how many people will go to ThePirateBay or something after this.

  • Babbling Butterfly

    This so called news is outrageous!
    Not only is it based completely on speculation and rumours, a fact that wasn’t even mentioned once in this whole article.
    Yes, EA tends to turn their surveys into reality, but the survey never mentioned anything about a subscription! The whole point of that question is the possibility of creating bundles that consist of a shitload of content that would be sold for a discounted price. Nothing anyone would be forced to buy, but a great thing for those who would want to get all of that content anyway.
    About the expansion packs: Yes, we can expect many of those. Yes, we can expect a lot of downloadable content. Yes, we can expect a lot of stuff packs. That’s a perfectly logical assumption, considering how every main title of the franchise had several expansions, while Sims 2 and 3 both had several stuff packs, as well as a store. So what? Why is that surprising anyone? Yes, Sims 4 will be EA’s next gigantic cash-cow! It is to be expected! So were Sims 3 and Sims 2. Yes, they are already planning what expansions to create (contrary to what is stated in this article, none are confirmed yet!). What’s wrong with that? When you are developing a game, knowing that there will be expansions, you will at some point have to start planning those.

    To answer the final question: How do I feel about spending upwards $100 for the complete Sims 4 experience? I don’t know. I guess the same way I felt about spending upwards $700 for the complete Sims 3 experience?
    Let’s face it! Whether there are bundles or not, the series has allways been a cash-cow. And that won’t change. Ever. And as long as there won’t be any actual overpriced subscriptions, I don’t mind that. And as of right now, a subscription model has not been mentioned. Not a single time! Not by anybody! Except for those people who start rumours like this and those who decide to share them, calling them news, without checking the facts.
    And you know why there probably never ever will be subscriptions replacing actual expansions when it comes to The Sims? Because then EA would most likely loose all those young costumers, whose parents buy their games. And seeing how The Sims is a gigantic cash-cow, I don’t think that’s something EA would be willing to risk…