The New Star Wars: Battlefront Will Be Shown at E3

By Anthony Falco – 7th May 2014
The New Star Wars: Battlefront Will Be Shown at E3

Ever since last year’s announcement of Star Wars: Battlefront, people have been clamoring to get the latest glimpse. And it looks like E3 2014 will be the next chance to see the game. At EA’s investors conference call, CEO Andrew Wilson revealed though development for DICE’s latest is going “very, very well…[it still has] lots and lots of work to go.” But soon after, Wilson stated that the public will get to see the game at this year’s E3: however, it is uncertain if Star Wars: Battlefront will be a playable demo or simply a video. I have my fingers crossed that it will be playable.

On top of that, it is unsure if the Star Wars: Battlefront preview will be at the EA press conference or a specific console’s conference. DICE will most likely announce at the former but surprises have happened. Either way, EA’s press conference date is on June 9, which is ‘right around the corner.’

Meanwhile, Disney’s deal with EA to create new Star Wars games has resulted in some exciting news. First and foremost, Visceral Games, the developer behind the Dead Space trilogy, is working on an allegedly open world game. And Amy Hennig, the former Naughty Dog writer and director, will be penning this latest Star Wars tale by Visceral. Finally, LucasFilm announced that all future Star Wars titles, including games, would be canonical; this means that unlike all past games that was considered apart of the Expanded Universe, all future Star Wars stories will be overlooked by a newly appointed writing team.

Are you excited for Dice’s Star Wars: Battlefront? Will it actually live up to our expectation? Are you excited for its preview at E3 2014? Let us know in the comment section below and for all updates, continue to read Gamer Headlines.

Source: GameSpot