What next for the Infamous series on PS4?

By Brendan Griffiths – 15th April 2014
What next for the Infamous series on PS4?

As an industry fuelled by both fans and media constantly looking forwards to the future of the big games, it wasn’t long after finishing Infamous: Second Son, that many minds started to wonder what the future held for the Infamous series. Strong sales so far suggest that a sequel is highly likely, as Sony will want to strengthen the brand into a PS4 front-runner along with their critically acclaimed Uncharted series.

If the Infamous series is to continue though, it will need to evolve in order to remain a relevant IP. Second Son was a solid next-gen debut, but it could be argued that it was a remarkably safe entry. For a sequel, players will be expecting Sucker Punch to push the boat out and get creative, as (graphics aside) there was little to differentiate the latest game from the old ones. Sucker Punch has hit the ground running on the PS4 and proved that they have no problems getting some gorgeous visuals from the new hardware, but what else can we looked forward to in the fourth Infamous game?

Super Power Overload

With just three core powers for Infamous: Second Son, it’s fair to say that many gamers were expecting more from the series’ PS4 debut. Well, the answer could lie in a sequel if we see Delsin Rowe fulfilling his promise to visit Curdun Cay.

This often mentioned prison facility is where Second Son’s villain Brooke Augustine, kept all her rounded up Conduits -or Bio Terrorists as she’d call them. Curdun Cay is frequently mentioned in the audio logs scattered around Seattle and there is mention of Conduits having powers involving glass, wire and paper (see also the Paper Trail free DLC). With Delsin’s ability to absorb powers from any Prime Conduit he touches, you know he’s going to have a handshake for everyone he meets there. Curdun Cay would be a natural fit for involvement for a sequel, but a DLC expansion is another feasible venture.


Speaking of DLC expansions, how about Brooke Augustine’s back-story? Spoiler alert: When Delsin dives into her mind, we see how she also initially fled the DUP when she became a Conduit. She was on the run with a young girl who she ultimately turned in to save her own skin and prove that she could be trusted to bring in Conduits for the government. There could be an interesting narrative here with many comparisons with The Last of Us and that game’s own Left Behind single-player DLC -which also acted as a prequel to the main game. Fingers crossed Sony doesn’t charge £11.99 for a two-hour expansion though.

Infamous Evolved

Delsin himself needs to evolve and not just with an expanded skill set, but in the way that he uses them. Essentially, the gameplay would flow much better if he were able to change between powers at will instead of having to find a source to drain. There’s a balance to be struck here though. For example, smoke vents or neon signs could only need to be drained to top up on ‘ammo’ for the ranged attacks. The melee/travel moves would be much more dynamic if you could change between them in the same combo via the shoulder buttons. Second Son was great fun when using the powers to run up walls or air-dash, but it was a shame it was always one or the other.

The Beast Returns

Something of a long shot, but are we set to see the return of The Beast? Let’s face it; this Titan-sized monster from Infamous 2 was a bit more intimidating than a sadistic woman obsessed with shiving people with rocky shards and giving them concrete booties? Also, think back to the scene just after Delsin’s second meeting with Augustine when he’s dropped off in the Lantern District. We see him moving above the city in first-person and the jerking animation makes it look like he’s being carried rather than floating. Augustine also shouts, “No!” like something has taken him away from her. So, a lot of conjecture there with thoughts of the Beast’s revival, and um, it being a bit invisible. Hey, we’ve had time travel involved with the series before, so reality isn’t exactly a pre-requisite here.

So Long, Seattle

Second Son cruelly teased us with trees and beaches during the intro before moving us to the concrete cove of Seattle. Let’s have a location change next time and no, not New York. Perhaps making up a city would be for the best, perhaps allowing the game to have a few settings. Something more along the lines of the New Orleans-inspired New Marais in Infamous 2, where we had swamps surrounding the city.

More Morals

Infamous: Second Son’s moral choices made it worth playing through the game through twice to experience the differing ways the action played. However, the story failed to really show the impact of your choices. Fetch has the horn for bad Delsin and Eugene is slightly less certifiable for good Delsin, but the world around Delsin feels largely the same for both playthroughs, despite the minor aesthetic trimmings of citizens cheering you or fearing you.

Better Side Missions

The side missions were effectively a list of collectibles, albeit ones handily marked on your map. Audio logs aside, there was no extra narrative to help build on the DUP occupation that had swept through Seattle in a few short weeks and the gap (or any connection) between Infamous 2 and Second Son is rarely mentioned. A few character-driven missions would have helped here and it was a surprise to see so few of these considering how Infamous 2 made a decent effort for them.

As ever readers, we’d love to hear what you thought about Infamous: Second Son. Where would you like the sequel to take Delsin Rowe? Or maybe you feel it’s time for another new lead star? And what powers do you want to see him sponge off the Curdun Cay crew?

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  • ByakuSharingan

    Saw your post on ps blog, thought Id give it a read.

    You make some really nice points. I think a lot of what you have will naturally be in the eventual sequel. Although you mention being able to switch between powers on the fly and drain spots would only refill ammo. They already only refill ammo. Even when your power bar runs out melee attacks and the movement power still works.

    But the biggest thing you have right is better side missions. Fetch and Eugene were represented for a painfully short amount of time in the game. Each should have had at least 5 optional (or mandatory) side missions to give a little more time with each of them.

  • jason lee

    that was one of the angels carrying him, y’know the ones that were going around SAVING CONDUITS, so yeah, no beast

  • InfamousKush

    the story should continue with Delsin as the main character & he should definitely be introduced to new powers. the plot should be more based on Conduits alone being that hundreds of them are now roaming free. who’s to say each conduit wants to be a heroe or be invisible to society? i’m pretty sure there are conduits out there with a dictator mindest & power hungry attitudes. the conflict should ne within the conduits, introducing a whole “Conduit vs Conduit” storyline. the good against the bad .. only the strong survive .. alliances & hardcore battles. that’s what i would love to see.

  • gamer 219

    well does anyone know if there is going to be more Infamous games because this is the best game i’ve played this year

  • kolby

    when he was lifted away from augastine it was by an angle or demon

  • The Spiral Man

    Just an FYI Fetch “had the horn” for both good and bad Delsin they were just more subtle about it with the good option.

  • just a girl

    I think Second Son was great! Yet a few things dissapointed me: the storytelling and characters.
    The storyline was a bit weak. The Akomish being thwarted by Augustine and Delsin seeking revenge (or just a cure for Betty) is just not as exciting as New Marais threatened by the beast and the plague etc. By the way I was in shock when I was playing the 19th mission and discovered I almost beat the game, I expected something like 40 missions like inFamous 2.
    As for the characters, they’re great! BUT..they’re just featured in one or two missions and then you don’t see them again until the final mission. Such a shame since Fetch was a very cool character. I think Sucker Punch could’ve included them a bit more and let them combine powers like Cole, Nix and Kuo did.
    Speaking of Cole, I’d just like him to revive and meet Delsin..since it looks like Delsin had no idea of him and how important he was.

    Please excuse language mistakes as I’m Dutch.

  • Wraivyn

    I hope the game has an option to choose your gender! Maybe some tweaks in the story because of the gender……At this point, I’m thinking of multiplayer. It might be a long shot though, because of the limited powers……

  • Jaylen

    they should consider adding multiplayer. imagine being able to create a conduit and being able to concrete blast the sh** out of your friends or strangers. that would definately make the story more interesting and make me wanna play long after I’m done with the story. my copy second son is just sitting there because theres nothing left for me to do

    • Roger Camarena

      That be cool…

  • Brian

    For the record, the part where Delsin is pulled away from Augustine in the air, it was NOT the beast.
    1- the beast was too close when cole used that device in Infamous 2. Guaranteed to be dead just like Cole.
    2- considering Eugene’s abilities, he was obviously the one who did it. Invisibility, flight…. And he contacts Delsin like a super-fan shortly after.

    • Eric

      Yea I thought it was Eugene the whole time

      • Kgeiser

        Are you all forgetting about the Angels that were kidnapping t when that happened?

  • Kevin T

    Here’s another idea. This is purely just a fingers crossed possibility.

    The return of Cole

    Before you go on about how he died, just think of this. After the good ending, (Which is what Second Son followed) Zeke took Cole’s body out to sea. What was it struck by? LIGHTNING! Could this have jump started his heart?

    But where would he have been all this time? Maybe in Curdun Cay, where he was kept under maximum security because, well, it’s COLE MACGRATH! Or there could be another explanation entirely for his disappearance.

    Maybe we wouldn’t even play as him in the next game. Just imagine the plot twist and jittery excitement you would feel if Cole made a grand entrance and was interwoven with your own story. Would he admire the work you’re doing and team up with you to fight a common evil? Or would he become an enemy? Trying to stop you as you continue down the path of evil.

    Regardless, how awesome would it be if Cole was still alive?

    • George


    • Roger Camarena

      He’s dead… What SP can do is introduce Cole’s Brother who was mentioned in Infamous 2… When he was mentioned, Cole said they grew apart and never spoke again… Maybe Cole’s reputation and his unique electricity powers finally caught up to his brother… Where he was just hiding from those conduit killing assholes…

  • Ryan M.

    Maybe, at the end of infamous 2 Cole obviously gets stuck by lightning but maybe the creators of infamous keep saying he died because, well, he did.


    What if the Lightning strike took Coles soul out of his body and is carried out in the Lightning storms. If in the next infamous game, detain gets struck by lightning and Coles soul enters his body and talking to him through his mind and gives him the ability to use electricity so they have to work together to find Coles body so that they can bring him back to life!!!!

    • Kenneth Watson

      i really like that idea, the mentoring angle is a solid story telling device and would allow for flashbacks and gameplay as cole. good call sir

    • Billy Garrett

      So cool I saw that to and it was a question mark

    • Roger Camarena

      Sounds dumb… Just keep him dead or not

  • Donavin Sparr

    It be cool if Fetch was a playable character again this Time her story continues after second son and first light in the prologue she goes to salmon bay to find Delsin that could be the first mission.

    • Roger Camarena

      I’d rather play as Cole’s brother who was briefly mentioned in Infamous 2…. I would like to see the McGrath Story to be continued ..

  • Roger Camarena

    I’d rather see an INFAMOUS Spin-off series where the bad side of the ending of INFAMOUS 2 really happened…
    A truly post-apocalyptic world where Cole nearly destroys the Human Race and unlocking people’s conduit Gene to save them from a new plague…
    Maybe you play as a new protaginist whos powers can rival Cole’s newly found BEAST powers…

  • Roger Camarena

    They can introduce Cole’s brother that was vaguely mentioned by Cole himself… He can have the same Electricity based powers like Cole… Or something completely different…

  • Roger Camarena

    Las Vegas should be the next city

  • Harley Hollingsworth

    what if cole didn’t die what if he simply absorbed the power of the lightning that hit him and maybe he was faking it and maybe he will have a return in the next infamous and maybe even have him and delsin work together or encounter each other at curdun cay and they work together to take down augustine or a new antagonist that they will fight to maybe free all of these trapped conduits that are captured.

    then maybe you can have better or more powers to get you through the story and have a longer story because i felt that second son was just a little shorter than i would like and i would like to see more variety in the side missions.also i would like to see more than one villain.

    • Debster

      Yeah, I miss Cole… even Zeke. Agreed, they need to bring him back somehow.