Final Fantasy XV to use Yebis 2 Engine for Real Time Computer and Optical Effects

By Jenna Cantrell – 27th April 2014
Final Fantasy XV to use Yebis 2 Engine for Real Time Computer and Optical Effects

Considering that E3 is right around the corner, we’ve been expecting some further insight when it comes to this year’s big name releases. But no news is bad news, and even the slightest sliver of unheard information is a step in the right direction. This isn’t the update that most Final Fantasy fans have been awaiting; since Final Fantasy XV has been a constant waiting game and has lost its developer earlier this year. The swap of command in the game’s internal roster did fairly little to the project overall, but we’re still shooting in the dark when it comes to guessing the RPG title’s official release date. Solemn to report that while there’s no word of that on the street, Square Enix has managed to break its silence when it comes to what we’ll expect in Final Fantasy XV‘s internal hardware. The graphics are built to impress, and the trailers that were released in 2013 have managed to keep their promise when it comes to execution.

The game will run, and of course look as phenomenal as the TGS trailer. There will be no discrepancies between cutscene content and the JRPG’s CGI throughout battle and layouts of the actual gameplay. Or, at least that is what Square Enix has been preaching with this sudden press release.

Gamasutra praised the Silicon Studio’s engine prior to Square Enix’s dabbling on the client, which has not been kept secret from the public. The review reads, “YEBIS 2 is middleware that offers advanced optical effects in post processing such as glare representation, lens effects (optical simulation), film/photosensitive effects, real/pseudo HDR representation, and anti-aliasing.” Which is the exact concoction that Final Fantasy XV has been expected to deliver to its audience. Those expectations become known as soon as your waiting period for the RPG hits the five year threshold. However, we’re not here to debate how long that the game has been in the making; or exactly how much longer we’ll be waiting until the next installment of the Final Fantasy series is prepared to make waves in the gaming community. Gamasutra goes on to explain that the engine has, “three selectable HDR rendering effects. All post-effects interface with the HDR rendering pipeline to select one of the three HDR types, based on performance, target platform and the graphics engine design.” An easy approach to architecture for Final Fantasy XV as well, which with all the viewed locations is a dire implementation in the RPG’s favor.

But if you have been a devout follower of Square Enix’s actions on the gaming front; this will not come off as being new information. Square Enix has been open in its testing of YEBIS 2, constantly displaying confidence that the engine is rather suitable for their primary needs. So it comes as no surprise that the development team behind Final Fantasy XV are beginning to weave YEBIS 2 into their construction of the well-awaited release. In 2012, the official Japanese channel of Square Enix released Agni’s Philosophy— a real-time tech demo that showcased their ability to utilize the game engine. If you’ve not seen it, take a quick moment to review the footage below. This is the kind of display that Square Enix is beginning to place their unrelenting effort into, and there’s no doubt amongst the fanbase that it’ll pay off for Final Fantasy XV.

We’ll keep you updated on future movements on the RPG’s developments. But don’t hold your breath for more information at E3 2014. There’s no indication or guarantee that Square Enix will be showing off its array of RPGs, even if baseless rumors tend to imply the opposite. We’re hoping that they do, since other JRPGs looking to localize on foreign shores are also in the works: Kingdom Hearts 3 and others will be a welcome addition to the game publisher’s repertoire.  However, until this June we’re not going to make any promises!

  • King Chibi

    the game was just legit remade 2012 for next gen. before it was more beta rough draft. ps3 didnt allow them to do everything. ps4 does on the other hand. and yea there is info about it at e3 when they said so and tgs

  • Patrick Toworfe

    I feel like if Square manages to make FFXV a game where it feels like you’re playing cutscenes, then that right there will be the next level. If those trailers are to be believed, then that’s what will happen. I really hope the game comes out in good time and is really mind blowing