Xbox Achievement Hunter Hits 1,000,000G

By Kieran Mackintosh – 13th March 2014
Xbox Achievement Hunter Hits 1,000,000G

Raymond Cox, otherwise known by his Xbox username Stallion83, today became the first person to reach one million Gamerscore (1,000,000G), an effort that has taken him a little over eight years to finally achieve. In the process, he has been reported as becoming a Guinness World Record holder of achieving the most Xbox Live Gamerscore, breaking his previous Guinness World Record of 511,342G.

Broadcasted live during a four-hour long stream on Twitch via his Xbox One, Cox went through seven different games (Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareForza 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, FIFA 14, Rayman Legends), accumulating achievements as he went, before finally hitting the one million mark on Titanfall, at just after three hours and 46 minutes into the stream. Fittingly enough, the title of the achievement that set him over the threshold was “I Like A Challenge.”

Eight years, three months, I don’t know how many days,” Cox said upon achieving 1,000,000 Gamerscore. “Many many hours, many nights, I can’t explain how much I’ve put into this.

Cox has been reported to have had the one million Gamerscore target for years. Along his way, back in November, 2010, he also became the first person to reach over 500,000 Xbox Live Gamerscore, four years into his journey of achieving 1,000,000G.

Source: Eurogamer.

  • John Korvac

    the sad part is, someone else will probably break that record… but the good part is, Mr. Cox will have been married with children.

    • I suppose the best way to actually beat a record like this would be to start at a young age and still be at school, where you have less responsibilities to worry about and are able dedicate more time to gaming.