Watch Dogs Release Date Featured on SEN Store; Likely Placeholder

By Kieran Mackintosh – 3rd March 2014
Watch Dogs Release Date Featured on SEN Store; Likely Placeholder

Watch Dogs Release Date Featured on SEN Store; Likely Placeholder

After Ubisoft had been experiencing repercussions of its delay back in late 2013, and after having a recent attempt to have the Watch Dogs trademark dropped (and then subsequently reinstated thereafter), and after having the Wii U version be delayed again, a Watch Dogs release date has been spotted on the Sony Entertainment Network store, touting a June 30, 2014 release (highlighted above in green), which coincides with what has been mentioned before.

An inbound release date for Ubisoft’s hacking game was hinted at in a strange, if botched advertisement that was found mid last week. The ad was supposed to link to a trailer containing related release date information about Watch Dogs, but instead linked to a blank PlayStation Network competition page, with no trailer in sight. The ad has since disappeared. The validity of the ad could be well up in the air for some; however, it could be a piece of clever marketing. Watch Dogs itself does feature hacking as a main mechanic, so perhaps this ad could have been a viral one, utilizing the same “hacking” gimmick to divert any would-be trackers from trying to find information about the game, like how a hacker would cover their tracks (that’s just personal speculation though).

So, perhaps this latest hint towards Watch Dogs release date is just another crumb on the bread trail leading up to when the game eventually drops. The release date in question, June 30, lands on a Monday and also happens to be the end of the month, so it’s not likely to be the official release date; most release dates tend to land on a Tuesday or a Friday. So, it’s safe to deduce that the featured release date is very much likely to be just a placeholder. Still, it at least gives us a frame of reference of when to roughly anticipate Watch Dogs to drop on current- and next-gen consoles.

Source: Sony Entertainment Network store.

Via: VG24/7.