Twitch Plays Pokemon Beats Crystal, Counting Down To Emerald

By Matthew Ryan – 16th March 2014
Twitch Plays Pokemon Beats Crystal, Counting Down To Emerald

13 days, 2 hours and 2 minutes. According to the Google Document provided by the Twitch Plays Pokemon subreddit, this was the time stamp of the moment they beat Pokemon Crystal.

Starting as a simple social experiment designed by one man to see how a few dozen people might control a Pokemon game, Twitch Plays Pokemon quickly exploded into a community of tens of thousands of avid watchers, with its own lore, history and factions. The first iteration of the experiment, where the viewers attempted to work their way through Pokemon Red, was a massive hit, drawing in 80,000 viewers on a regular basis. That adventure took 16 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 30 seconds. By the end of it all, there were two major religious factions, the followers of Helix and the followers of the Dome; and the sheer randomness of it all had created gods, kings, princes and of course, an ATV.

Twitch Plays Pokemon beats Pokemon Red.

The moment Twitch Plays Pokemon defeated their rival, and Pokemon Red.

After defeating their rival Blue, Twitch got straight back to work in Pokemon Crystal. Now, after another grueling adventure, albeit with a far lower viewership (generally pulling in a still-impressive 15,000 concurrent viewers), Crystal was similarly conquered. There was a fear that the beloved heroes of Pokemon Red and their story would overshadow the new team and their adventure in Crystal, but this had been largely overcome. For the first few days, Twitch went wild with fury due to the over-use of their starter Pokemon, Feraligatr, and failed to connect with their new Pidgey, after the messiah that was Bird Jesus.

However, after the release of a few of their beloved Pokemon, the fans had their story. Their once-hated Feraligatr, nicknamed ‘Lazorgator’, was now their leader, whose sole purpose was to raise an army of Pokemon and destroy the Gods that were once loved and adored by all. Spurred on by this development, Twitch battled their way to their final test, courtesy of s slight tweak in the programming: A final showdown with Red and our old team. After seven defeats and just short of 24 hours, Red was defeated and the Gods were destroyed.

Twitch Plays Pokemon finishes Crystal

The moment Red was defeated and Pokemon Crystal was beaten.

After the final battle with Red, the thousands of viewers were left to their own devices, as Democracy was disabled and a countdown to Pokemon Emerald began. As of righting this at 4.30pm ET on March 15th, there is 6 days, 4 hours and 30 minutes left on the countdown, indicating that our next adventure will begin at 9.00pm ET on March 21st. In similar fashion to the old anime show, we’re left wondering where our next adventure will take us, who we might meet along the way, and what stories we will have to tell as a result. Only time, and anarchy, will tell.