Titanfall PC Version Will Receive 4K, SLI and GameWorks Support

By Jordan Schilling – 20th March 2014
Titanfall PC Version Will Receive 4K, SLI and GameWorks Support

A possibly leaked update on the official NVidia blog revealed that the PC hardware manufacturer plans on bringing 4K support to Titanfall. The post has since been removed from NVidia’s website, but according to Polygon, NVidia has several plans in store for the new shooter from Respawn Entertainment.

According to Developer Content Manager Ashu Rege, NVidia and Respawn Entertainment are working to give Titanfall support for UHD 4K displays. Currently the highest “recorded” Titanfall gameplay is in 1440p, running on PCGamer’s ultra-insane “Large Pixel Collider” gaming PC. While the LPC includes 4 GTX Titans running in quad-SLI, Titanfall doesn’t technically support the full capabilities of SLI-equipped machines. According to Rege, Respawn Entertainment will release future updates that will incorporate SLI support into Titanfall for “a fantastic high-end PC experience”.

Apart from video cards/GPUs, and their PC-streaming handheld console Shield, NVidia is also well-known for their PhysX real-world physics simulation. Titanfall will receive support for not just PhysX, but the entire NVidia GameWorks technologies suite. Where PhysX is dedicated towards environmental destruction, partical effects and fabric/clothing simulation, GameWorks adds VisualFX for hair, liquid and fire physics. Also included are support for temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) to address screen flickering and “tearing”, and horizon-based ambient occlusion (HBAO+) to provide more realistic lighting and reactive shadows.

As the article has since been removed from NVidia’s official blog, it’s possible that this may have been planned for a GDC announcement. Due to the success of the PC and Xbox One versions, EA has already secured publishing rights for Titanfall 2. On a less-positive note, with the original release date being next week, the awaited Xbox 360 release has been delayed again to April 8. While we haven’t seen actual gameplay footage of any kind, the delay was made to allow “more time” for Bluepoint Games.