Shaq Fu 2 Might Actually Happen Some Day

By Tyler Berry – 1st March 2014
Shaq Fu 2 Might Actually Happen Some Day

Shaq Fu 2 may actually happen at some point…

Yes, you actually read that statement.

Shaq Fu was one of former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal’s various forays in the entertainment industry back in the 1990s. If you recall, he also starred in the less than spectacular Kazaam feature film and also made an attempt at a rap career. Well, 1994’s Shaq Fu for the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo (it later came to Amiga, Game Gear, and Game Boy) was his one attempt at breaking into the gaming industry. It was a futile one.

However, Shaq Fu has become one of those notorious jokes of the video game industry that many gamers put in the old consoles for a laugh or two with friends. Nothing wrong with that. But during an interview at CES earlier this year, Shaq was quoted saying that Shaq Fu 2 was “coming soon.” For obvious reasons, most of the gaming community thought this was just a funny joke.

And yet, it may not be such a joke after all. A tip sent into Joystiq today featured a screen grab of two t-shirts [seen above] that had been made to promote Shaq Fu 2. Could this actually be a real entity? Could we be getting another shot at Sett-Ra? Only time and the Internet will tell. Here’s hoping that it’s real so that more hilarity can be had at the expense of this future NBA Hall of Famer.