New Reveal on Dragon Age: Inquisition Implies the Return of Alistair and 40 Unique Endings

By Jenna Cantrell – 27th March 2014
New Reveal on Dragon Age: Inquisition Implies the Return of Alistair and 40 Unique Endings

You’ve heard right, Dragon Age: Inquisition is hinting at the possibility that Dragon Age’s beloved King of Ferelden is making an appearance in the well-awaited sequel. The news broke on voice actor Steven Valentine’s twitter earlier this morning, in which he was donning the familiar headset and microphone for his “surprise” recording. Insinuating that even the actor himself was caught off guard with the sudden request. While the folks at BioWare have yet to confirm the return of the savvy Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins; there’s an undermining chance that this’ll play out a lot like Dragon Age II‘s constant cameos of recognizable characters from prior games. How these brand-new installments might link themselves to your previous playthroughs of the Dragon Age series, well– that has yet to be formally addressed.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

I’m certain that our guesses won’t be too far off, Steve Valentine.

In addition to that bit of unforeseen information, there was also an amass of material regarding some of the mechanics of Dragon Age: Inquisition via the Official Xbox Magazine. Another fan whom purchased the magazine earlier today commented on BioWare’s public forum to share their information of the article. Revealing astounding information on the accessible locations that’ll be made available to us come Dragon Age: Inquisition’s release. BioWare’s former comments on constructing an overall “open world” feeling to the future action RPG seems to be glimmering with promise as we’re granted the list of feasible regions: Fereldan, The Free Marches, Orlais, Nevarra and the Dales. To name a few that will be open for the player’s ventures are the war-torn city of Orlais and an elven burial ground, known as the Emerald Graves. The Emerald Graves, according to executive producer Mark Darrah, “is where the Dalish Elves planted one tree for every soldier killed in the Exalted Marches.”

The article goes on to explain that defeating an exalted enemy will also provide drastic change to the encompassed area,  for example: a dragon or siege of bandits. So your choices in Dragon Age: Inquisition are relative to the game as a whole; both as a vindicator, and hero. There were also some previous rumors of leaked characters that’ll be accompanying the main character on their journey. BioWare has broken their silence on three, which the fans have been whispering about amongst themselves for months. And it seemed that they were not far off in their assumptions. Solas, whom was leaked to the public forums five days ago, is confirmed as “an apostate and an expert on the Fade.” Following suit are the rumored Qunari or “Iron Bull” (as he is dubbed by fans) and petite elven archer known for now simply as Sera. Both of which are stated as having “very little known about them at this point.” But the good news is, we can rest easy; there is a Qunari companion this time around. And he’ll be extremely different from Dragon Age: Origin‘s Sten.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s “Iron Bull” Screenshot that had multiple fan’s screaming for a potential Qunari companion.

In regards to the Inquisitor, or the player’s main character, the previous system for responses and vocalizations in will reappear in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Meaning that it’ll definitely feel a lot like Dragon Age II, in that aspect; with at least two distinctive voices for every possible race and gender. The Inquitor’s past is described as being an influential chapter of the prologue that’ll  in-turn askew character’s responses to the main avatar. Him (or her) are sole survivors of a cataclysmic event that’ll result in the fracture or ‘tear’ of the Fade into the mundane reality. “Presumbly as a result [of the Fade tearing open throughout Thedas], you’re also endowed with a singular ability: you can close these rifts wherever they appear throughout the continent,” explained the executive director. No straight answers, but the explanation does prove to be rather promising.

BioWare has also guaranteed a staggering amount of forty unique endings to Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Official Xbox Magazine confirms that, “[Mark] Darrah stresses that the endings will all be meaningfully different from one another. You won’t find 40 endings with only slight degrees of variation between them.” Thus, there’s going to be no noticeable tweaks to separate endings just to make them ‘different enough’ to register as a specific conclusion. Your choices in this war-ridden world teetering on the edge of annihilation are going to hold enormous influence. And I cannot think of a better way to play, and  replay a game that causes me to reminisce (or possible lament) on in-game decisions.

We’ll keep you updated on further information as it is made known!

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