Mirror’s Edge 2 Possibly Releasing in 2016, Going Open World

By Zach Frimpong – 16th March 2014
Mirror’s Edge 2 Possibly Releasing in 2016, Going Open World

Rumors have been surfacing regarding the new Mirror’s Edge unveiled at E3 2013. These rumors involve multiple aspects of the game and supposedly surfaced through “verified sources” close to the development of Mirror’s Edge, often relating to small details confirmed by EA and DICE in the past. They also claim to have seen gameplay footage for Mirror’s Edge 2. All the information originally surfacing from Rocket Chainsaw.

According to the leaks, the E3 2013 trailer for Mirror’s Edge 2 was created entirely out of real time footage running on the in-game Frostbite 3 engine. Mirror’s Edge 2 is apparently a total reboot. The core goal for developer DICE who also work on the Battlefield series, was to generate a living, breathing open world. Part of this open world includes a persistent online component built around seamless drop in and drop out multiplayer. A large focus for the team was to revise the combat to make it more enjoyable for players over the original Mirror’s Edge. The combat system has been deepened to emphasize speed and fluidity. The team has also added a simple combo system involving punches and kicks, similar to what was shown in the Mirror’s Edge 2 teaser trailer at E3 2013. Some of the attacks are now contextual, such as kicking enemies while vaulting or jumping off walls.

At the same time though, the core of the experience will still remain centered around parkour and seamless motion, which is aided by the new open world design. The most important information which came with this leak was the rumored release date. The target release date for Mirror’s Edge 2 is sometime in 2016, which is a long time away, but DICE has mentioned many times that it will release “when it’s ready”. All of this is still rumor, but if this information turns out to be true, Mirror’s Edge 2 could become a truly amazing game. Mirror’s Edge is releasing on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Rocket Chanisaw

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    I’m new to the gaming, but it seems EA is releasing many unfinished games. This one looks good, but I hope they finish it and than release it. Not other way around.