Information on Payday 2’s Election Day DLC released

By Rory Appleton – 14th March 2014
Information on Payday 2’s Election Day DLC released

A trailer for the newest downloadable content for Payday 2, “Election Day,” was released earlier today.

Not much is known about the new DLC. The only mention of it was a mysterious Tweet from the game’s official Twitter:

The Payday 2 forums also linked players to Bob McKendrick’s (the faux mayoral candidate) campaign website. ¬†McKendrick seems to heavily favor gun ownership. He even offers a free gun for every vote! Crime is at an all-time high in Washington DC, and McKendrick believes that an increase in gun ownership will help the populace defend themselves against the thieves.

The forums also mentioned the addition of 10 new mystery achievements for the game, which are called oh, say, can, you, see, by, the, dawn’s, early, light. It seems like patriotism is in the air over at Overkill Software.

The DLC seems to be centered around an upcoming mayoral election, so maybe political fixes and crimes are in the future for the popular heist game? Or perhaps a new heist involving the election? McKendrick has promised to arm the populace, so maybe the average bystander won’t continue to go down without a fight?

We will have to wait and see.

UPDATE (5:20 p.m.) A user-generated entry for Election Day on the Payday wiki can be found here. It tells of a five day heist in which a player must place a GPS device on a truck carrying ballot machines, only to swap the machines later. It has not been substantiated by any Overkill employees. 

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