Gabe Newell’s Participation in Reddit AMA Suspended

By Sam Edwards – 4th March 2014
Gabe Newell’s Participation in Reddit AMA Suspended

Gabe Newell, one of the founders of Valve Corporation, was to be answering questions from the public today on Reddit. Newell agreed to take part in the AMA if the charity ‘The Heart of Racing’ reached a total of $500,000 in donations. ‘The Heart of Racing’ raises money for pediatric cardiac care for the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Don Kitch, the co-founder of the charity, describes Newell as an ‘engaged, passionate owner’. However, Gabe Newell posted an early picture of himself in front of Reddit page, resulting in users asking questions before the AMA was set to begin. Moderators began deleting comments and the AMA has now been suspended until further notice.

What Will Gabe Newel Discuss?

In terms of actual content, we can at least know for definite that when the AMA does happen, Gabe Newell will receive a huge amount of questions about the fate ¬†of Half Life 3. Fans of the series have been waiting seven years since the last installment, Half Life 2: Episode Two, was released and are understandably eager for news. ¬†Hopefully Reddit will receive news as soon as possible as to when the AMA will get underway, and a wide variety of topics will be covered, such as Newell’s thoughts on the progress of the various Steam Machines and the concept overall as well as talking about the company’s gaming software.

Gabe Newel’s and by extension Valves’ approach with their hardware is an interesting one, which could potentially bridge the gap between fans of PC and console gaming. It’s hard for me to see exactly where Gabe and his Steam Machines will fit in the hardware market. Many PC gamers have their own particular setup, while console gamers might be too unfamiliar with the notion to be persuaded. But elements such as the haptic feedback on the thumbsticks of the Steam Machine controller intrigue me. When it does eventually happen, this AMA should given Newell an opportunity to go into a little more detail and hopefully answer some, if not all the fan’s questions.

  • Andrew Heaton

    Poor guy’s just going to be inundated with questions about Half Life 3. Wouldn’t surprise me if he does the AMA and just doesn’t answer any questions about it. Though I hope he does.