Fundraiser raises almost $38,000 for injured League of Legends pro

By Rory Appleton – 20th March 2014
Fundraiser raises almost $38,000 for injured League of Legends pro

Inven, a Korean e-sports site specializing in League of Legends, released the final financial tally of the five-day fundraiser to benefit Cheon “Promise” Min-ki.

After PayPal fees, the exact number was listed at $37,700. The report, as well as screenshots of every transaction, can be found here. The site thanks the League of Legends community and applauds the generosity of all who donated.

The site plans to speak to Min-ki next week to discuss how he would like to receive the funds (there is a possibility that his bank account may be compromised due to the original scandal). Inven has promised to screenshot the transfer as well.

This transparency in the donation process comes after Inven was bombarded with messages from concerned donors who worried about how the money was being transferred. Many of these donors live thousands of miles away from Korea and had never heard of Inven before this. Some of them gave thousands of dollars. This scrutiny is magnified by the fact that one of the reasons Min-ki jumped from the 12th-story window was because he had been taken advantage of financially, so you can understand the community wanted to make sure it doesn’t happen again (the original story covering this can be found here).

Min-ki’s condition is also improving, as he took to Facebook (the same medium he used to convey a suicide note just eight days ago) to send a message to his foreign fans:

The deadline has passed, but Inven will still take donations up until the day they meet with Min-ki. Here is the donation site.