Every possible GTA 5 Cheats for PS3 and Xbox 360

By David R – 26th March 2014
Every possible GTA 5 Cheats for PS3 and Xbox 360

We should start this article by saying that as passionate gamers, we do not encourage the cheat systems. They deprive the players of experiencing the games themselves and not to mention, when in multiplayer, they deprive others to achieve victory by means of gaining uneven advantages. However, cheat codes exist for a reason and there may be some times when you would want to advance faster in the game or jump higher to pass by a wall, you need ammo or a specific gun and so on. It happened to me as well when I tried to play a game or another for the second, third or even fifth time. The whole term “game experience” is already reduced when re-playing a game therefore, the cheat codes make sense. Consequently, I guess there are many gamers who are already looking for exclusive PS3 cheats for GTA 5 only and I think we should help them get what they want.

The list of exclusive PS3 cheats for GTA 5 that follows is quite similar to the Xbox cheats some of our readers are familiar with. However, there are some minor differences which should be made in order the cheats to work. They were all tested and we are sure that they all work so you don’t have to test each of them in particular.

While in GTA 4 the player was able to input the codes by using a phone, these exclusive PS3 cheats for GTA 5 only work by using the D-Pad to input the directional commands. And you should be quick and firm in your movement unless you want to start all over again. Finally, you should know that likewise in the Xbox version of the game, once you have input the cheat codes, you will no longer receive any rewards and trophies. Consequently, you should save the game before trying any of the following exclusive PS3 cheats for GTA 5.

If some codes are not working please comment below which page and what cheat isn’t working i’ll get that fixed and sorted asap. Also if you come across any other cheats or exploits comment down below and ill get it put in the article with full credits.


Spawn Buzzard

Ps3_circle Ps3_circle Ps3_l1 Ps3_circle Ps3_circle Ps3_circle Ps3_l1 Ps3_l2 Ps3_r1 Ps3_triangle Ps3_circle Ps3_triangle
Spawn Comet

Ps3_r1 Ps3_circle Ps3_r2 Ps3_right Ps3_l1 Ps3_l2 Ps3_x Ps3_x Ps3_square Ps3_r1
Spawn Sanchez

Ps3_circle Ps3_x Ps3_l1 Ps3_circle Ps3_circle Ps3_l1 Ps3_circle Ps3_r1 Ps3_r2 Ps3_l2 Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1
Spawn Trashmaster

Ps3_circle Ps3_r1 Ps3_circle Ps3_r1 Ps3_left Ps3_left Ps3_r1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_circle Ps3_right
Spawn Limo

Ps3_r2 Ps3_right Ps3_l2 Ps3_left Ps3_left Ps3_r1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_circle Ps3_right

Spawn Stunt Plane

Ps3_circle Ps3_right Ps3_l1 Ps3_l2 Ps3_left Ps3_r1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_left Ps3_left Ps3_x Ps3_triangle
Spawn Caddy

Ps3_circle Ps3_l1 Ps3_left Ps3_r1 Ps3_l2 Ps3_x Ps3_r1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_circle Ps3_x
Spawn Rapid GT

Ps3_r2 Ps3_l1 Ps3_circle Ps3_right Ps3_l1 Ps3_r1 Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_circle Ps3_r2
Spawn Duster

Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_r1 Ps3_r1 Ps3_r1 Ps3_left Ps3_triangle Ps3_triangle Ps3_x Ps3_circle Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1
Spawn PCJ

Ps3_r1 Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_r2 Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_square Ps3_right Ps3_l2 Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1

Give Parachute

Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_l1 Ps3_l2 Ps3_r1 Ps3_r2 Ps3_r2 Ps3_left Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_l1

Raise Wanted Level

Ps3_r1 Ps3_r1 Ps3_circle Ps3_r2 Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_right
Lower Wanted Level

Ps3_r1 Ps3_r1 Ps3_circle Ps3_r2 Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_left
Explosive Melee Attacks

Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_x Ps3_triangle Ps3_r1 Ps3_circle Ps3_circle Ps3_circle Ps3_l2
Drunk Mode

Ps3_triangle Ps3_right Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_square Ps3_circle Ps3_left

Fast Run

Ps3_triangle Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_right Ps3_l2 Ps3_l1 Ps3_square
Slow Mo Aim

Ps3_square Ps3_l2 Ps3_r1 Ps3_triangle Ps3_left Ps3_square Ps3_l2 Ps3_right Ps3_x
Ability Recharge

Ps3_x Ps3_x Ps3_square Ps3_r1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_x Ps3_right Ps3_left Ps3_x
Bang Bang

Ps3_right Ps3_square Ps3_x Ps3_left Ps3_r1 Ps3_r2 Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_right Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1

Flaming Bullets

Ps3_l1 Ps3_r1 Ps3_square Ps3_r1 Ps3_left Ps3_r2 Ps3_r1 Ps3_left Ps3_square Ps3_right Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1

Change Weather

Ps3_r2 Ps3_x Ps3_l1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_l2 Ps3_l2 Ps3_l2 Ps3_square
Slidey Cars

Ps3_triangle Ps3_r1 Ps3_r1 Ps3_left Ps3_r1 Ps3_l1 Ps3_r2 Ps3_l1
Slow Mo

Ps3_triangle Ps3_left Ps3_right Ps3_right Ps3_square Ps3_r2 Ps3_left