EA adds home and loading screen advertisements to Battlefield 4

By Rory Appleton – 13th March 2014
EA adds home and loading screen advertisements to Battlefield 4

Electronic Arts recently added some in-game advertisements to Battlefield 4’s menu and loading screens.

The advertisements are for Need for Speed, the upcoming film based on EA’s popular video game franchise of the same name. EA is also one of the five studios credited with producing the film.

This is not the first time that EA has included ads for its other products within a game. The Madden, NCAA Football, NHL,  FIFA, and various racing franchises have featured in-game ads through stadium billboards, banners, small boxes on the pause and home screens, and even some corporate sponsorship of things like the opening coin toss and instant replay.

The loading screen ads are a bit more uncommon though. Players typically view button layouts, team compositions and map information while loading Battlefield or other similar games. The new screen still shows all of these things, but at a much quicker pace so that the ad can show up last.

Here is an example of the log in ad:

Need for Speed in-game ad

Need for Speed in-game ad (source: Reddit)

The popular social site Reddit.com was the first site to make any mention of the ads. The original post went up about a day ago and already has 511 comments and counting. Reddit users have a particular contempt for EA and the most recent installment of Battlefield. Users cite various bugs and problems with Battlefield 4, as well as a number of different business choices and actions taken by Electronic Arts of its long history.

This style of advertising could became very common as more and more video game companies are getting involved in the film business. Ubisoft, for example, currently has six film adaptations in development (Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and Rabbids). Could Ubisoft or other large companies start inserting in-game ads for their other projects?

We will see.