5 Ways to Improve Nintendo eShop

By Adam Willis – 12th March 2014
5 Ways to Improve Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo eShop is a great resource for many Wii U and 3DS owners, but there are still many ways to make it better.  These are the 5 top ways to improve the Nintendo eShop.  Enjoy!

1. Cheaper Prices

If you browse the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U eShop, you will notice a common trend…”these games are expensive.”  It is not unusual for many recent hits, on any system, to retain their full retail price.  My major concern are linked to the games that have been out for a long time or the games that have struggled to sell many copies.  For many companies, it is common sense that if a game’s sales decline, they should cut the costs.  Nintendo, however, is pretty stubborn on the costs of their games.

Even many of the Virtual Console games for the Wii, Wii U, DSi, and 3DS have ridiculously high prices.  For example, the original NES game “Donkey Kong” is still $4.99.  Nintendo should take notes from the mobile game market, and slash a large portion of their high gaming prices…especially the Virtual Consoles.  Ultimately, more consumers would be inclined to try unknown titles, which would help reverse the current Wii U game drought.

2. Weekly Deals

While we’re on the subject of cheaper games – not only should some games permanently have cheaper asking prices, but we should get more weekly/monthly sales.There are only 5 titles currently on sale on the eShop…

Only 5!

People buy things when they are on sale!  Other systems are currently offering dozens of titles on sale…and guess what?…they’re selling a lot of those games.  Nintendo needs to offer a steady supply of Virtual Console, modern first-party, and modern third-party games each week/month.

3. Unified Accounts

Remember all of those wasted Wii points left over on your old Wii?  Yes, you could still buy games on your Wii; and yes, you could transfer those purchased games over to your Wii U.  What a waste of time! If you’ve ever lost a Nintendo system, for any reason, only to learn that all of your previously purchased eShop games are gone, then this one’s for you.  Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo refuses to have a unified account system. By this I mean that you cannot log on to other systems while having your purchased games follow you.  If a system is broken, stolen, or away from you at the moment, your purchased games are gone.  

Let’s link our purchases to accounts, not systems!

4. More Virtual Console Games

The Wii did it right!  There were literally hundreds of Virtual Console games to choose from.  When the Wii U came along…all of those games vanished.  Over the past few months, since the Wii U’s release, there have only been a few Virtual Console games put on the Wii U and 3DS.  Apparently, many people think it is because Nintendo is trying to integrate Miiverse with their older games.  I say, “Release them all!  We don’t need Miiverse.”  If Nintendo wants to add Miiverse integration, at least update the games after they are available.

Allowing us to play all of their old Virtual Console games, Nintendo would have much more time to focus on modifying GBA, DS, and GameCube games for release.  This is a new generation, and it’s time we add newer games to the Virtual Console.

5. Paid subscription service

Last, but certainly not least, is the idea of Nintendo offering a paid subscription deal.  Much like Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, Nintendo could offer a monthly subscription to discounts and free games.  Nintendo could still control the content available to consumers each month, but this would allow hardcore fans to try out games they may not otherwise buy.

Nintendo could also, if they want to be different, allow subscribers to choose a designated number of purchases each month to play for free.  This would allow players more freedom than what competitors offer, which would draw in a much larger crowd to Nintendo products.

These are some ways Nintendo could improve the eShop; please let me know what you would like to see!