Top 5 gaming franchises we want to see resurrected

By Cory Wells – 21st February 2014
Top 5 gaming franchises we want to see resurrected

Sometimes there are games that developed a large following, but the franchise gets left on the shelves to collect dust. Rumors will hit here and there with hints that the franchise may possibly see the light of day again, but ultimately nothing happens. Today, we at Gamer Headlines are listing our top five franchises we would like to see a comeback. These games hold a place in most people’s hearts, or involve a cult following. In the past, some resurrected franchises get some flack (Diablo, Marvel vs Capcom 3 to name a few), but ultimately end up successful. Here is our list.

5. NHL Hitz

The NHL Hitz franchise was extremely addicting. Yeah, EA offers the NHL 3-on-3 Arcade game, which clearly attempts to duplicate these classic games, but ultimately lacks the addicting gameplay. NHL Hitz provided tight controls, hard hits, and not a super over-the-top arcade style, as it felt sufficient enough to feel realistic. The action featured 3-on-3 games with a goalie. Power-ups could be used, as well as codes at the loading screens. The fighting was excellent, and the graphics were top notch for the time. It featured the commentator from a lot of the Midway Sports series such as NFL Blitz, and even Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey for the Nintendo 64. If this tight of gameplay could be duplicated for a new hockey title, it would easily lure people who might not even be hockey fans.

4. Earthworm Jim

In the days of the 16-bit era, Sonic and Mario dominated the platforming industry. A more advanced platformer at the time, Earthworm Jim, provided extremely fun and difficult platforming elements that didn’t involve just jumping on enemies. Earthworm Jim could be best described as a worm in a spacesuit, and the suit will use the worm as a whip to do different things, rather it be fly or whip. You were also armed with a space machine gun. The game even featured after level special stages, much like the Sonic games of the 90s did. Earthworm Jim was available on both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, so it wasn’t console specific like the big boys. This game seems akin to the Rayman series in current times. Being able to play an updated 3D version of Earthworm Jim would be amazing. A few years ago, there was an HD version of Earthworm Jim released on Xbox Live Arcade, for those that are interested in an updated, cleaner looking game.

3. Power Stone

Power Stone launched alongside the Dreamcast in 1999. It was an arcade port, and during the peak of fighting games, it offered something different. Capcom chose a fast paced 3D arena-style fighting game that focused on collecting gems. Once enough power-ups were collected, your character would transform into “beast mode”. Sure fighting helped build the meters too, and projectile boxes could be thrown, but it was all worth the five seconds of greatness when the power-up was achieved. The game starred Falcon, as it most likely had to be renamed from the Japan release (his name was Fokker, honestly it would have been more appealing to keep that name), and a sequel did come out of the series. In 2006, the PSP got both versions with four additional characters. The game also spurred an anime series in the late 90s. If Capcom ever wanted to shake things up again, they should look to Power Stone.

2. Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot was Sony’s answer to Sonic and Mario in the late 90s. The character, created by Naughty Dog, spanned three games and a kart racing game (Crash Team Racing), and had a lot of success. Once the PS2 came around, Crash was nowhere to be seen. Strangely enough, and throwing a kink in the entire existence of Crash, he got a Xbox release. So much for having an exclusive mascot for your system. Well, enter recently, and Naughty Dog has stated (specifically Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley in an interview) that Sony is bringing the license back. However, this is most likely for use of the game in the upcoming PlayStation Now subscription. Even with that, the fact they would have the license, means they could get someone like Naughty Dog to create a new game. Bruce Straley stated in that interview that Universal Studios had the license, and while it got great sales, the franchise just tapered off. To have bring that mascot back to the forefront for Sony could only mean good things.

1. Mega Man

It has officially been ten years since the last real Mega Man game with Mega Man X8. Besides two ( albeit two really cool) 8-bit sequels to the original series, Mega Man has been left for dead. He didn’t even make the cut for Marvel vs Capcom 3, and was included in Street Fighter x Tekken with his strange costume from the cover of the original game on NES. Even Mega Man Legends had a huge following, and nothing has been done with that franchise. Capcom even introduced a new character in X8, and there is no mention anywhere else in the Capcom universe of him, ever since. Fans would go nuts and the internet would break if Capcom announced a next generation Mega Man game. If any series needs to be resurrected, it’s this one.

If you have a franchise you think needs a return, please post in our comments and share your thoughts. There are plenty out there that could use a reboot, and the only way for consideration would be to make noise.