The Golf Club confirmed for release on Steam

By Teo Borconi – 15th February 2014
The Golf Club confirmed for release on Steam

HB Studios’ The Golf Club will be coming to Steam, additionally to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions. The Golf Club strives to bring justice to the genre, and the guys at HB Studios have past experience with developing sports games for EA, even if most of them were designed for mobile platforms such as the PS Vita. The decision to bring The Golf Club to Steam comes with a plan for Early Access, as was revealed in the developer’s latest website post.

The Golf Club_01

“We’re excited to announce that The Golf Club will be coming to Steam! We wanted to ensure that we delivered the best experience for PC gamers and Steam allows us to do that” said executive producer Peter Garcin. He cited very positive fan feedback so far, and mentioned a plan for Early Access. “The response we’ve had to the game has been enormous, and we’re planning on doing an Early Access as well.” Recognizing the potential market that will follow as a result of this years extended development of the Steam OS and Steam Machines, he added that “there’s a lot of potential for future development via Steam – in terms of Steam Workshop integration or SteamOS and controller support. We’re really excited to be on the platform and can’t wait to get the game into everyone’s hands.”


But what’s the game all about? Well, the name pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a golf simulator, but a very complex one at that. It’s built around the social aspect of playing virtual golf, and players of The Golf Club will have the possibility to create and design their own golf courses, share them with other players, host tournaments, and compete online. In addition, the game manages to look stunning, something many popular sports franchises can’t seem to pull off properly. Price and an exact release date haven’t been announced yet, but the developers are aiming to release The Golf Club sometime later this spring.